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  1. Some guy used a few books to stretch his new pair of M50x overnight. I saw the pictures, I think it was a review on Amazon.
  2. With these deals I wonder if Dirk is going to end up pissing off the few fanboys that opted for the subscription model
  3. You use the public voucher first, then your personal voucher
  4. Yeah, looks like a knockoff. Not cheap at all. The mumbo jumbo, on the other hand, is free: "Tailored frequency response (10 Hz - 26 kHz)" "Custom-tuned, balanced midrange and transparent high frequency presentation" You can get something better at a lower price from the site formerly known as Massdrop (provided that you have the patience).
  5. Monomox

    Harvest MIDI Plugin

    I installed the demo version months ago. The deal breaker was its e inability to drag and drop the midi sequence. Maybe I should give it another chance.
  6. Gratification delay is the only one you actually need 😉
  7. Anyone having the same problem? This site would just not load 9 times out of 10. When it loads, some links don't work (can't open threads or mark the forum as read). I know what you're thinking, "this shouldn't be in the deals section." Well, here's the deal--let me know what your experience is and I'll leave you alone (see what I did there?). Thank you for your attention, ladies and gentlemen.
  8. You guys are missing the point. These are XXL full versions!! 😯
  9. Delivering stable driver performance is one of our highest priorities. We want to ensure that we’re providing the best experience possible, so that you can focus on your creativity. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that a new Windows USB driver update is available for all 1st and 2nd generation Scarlett, Clarett USB, iTrack Solo and Saffire 6 USB 2.0 audio interfaces. What's new? There are too many fixes and improvements for these devices to properly list here but this latest driver builds on the great latency performance and stability of previous drivers. How do I update my driver? Click the link below for more information and instructions on how to update your driver to the latest version. https://focusrite.com/news/driver-update
  10. Check it out in YouTube. I did a while ago and it sounded robotic to me. Maybe OK for a demo of ultra brutal metal... But check for yourself
  11. It's the noob sale. It's only a sale if this is the first time you've heard of Waves
  12. Ha this is ridiculous, they haven't updated their stuff in ages. Just today I had to run the Loom installer twice and the same plugin restarted my computer.
  13. Damn it, I don't have that library. I'm trying to stay away from something free that I know I'm not going to use
  14. I was selling my license but decided just now to give it another chance
  15. Where. Is. Da. Suite? 😄
  16. Sorry to slightly change the subject, but Kazrog should be releasing their new suite anytime soon, right?
  17. I was trying to sell the Fender Collection that I got for really cheap one or two BFs ago (not a fan of IK's installer/portal/watchamacallit), but I just found out that it may qualify me for the MODO bass crossgrade! (yes, I'll have to get used to the installer).
  18. Vitamin by waves at $15 is a snatcher upper
  19. If I pirate something, will you show it to me?
  20. I think I'll stay away from this. One Russian Roulette plugin is enough for me, thanks. (I'm talking about Jamstix, it crashes Reaper and Studio One once every six times, LOL).
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