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  1. WUP is rent to own... what you already own
  2. Every time someone complains about free Kontakt libs that only work on the paid version I think about how you also need to pay for a computer and internet service to download the libraries. I should start complaining about all the free software for Mac I can't use on my PC. Wait! There isn't any! 🤣 (Disclaimer for those who need it: this last paragraph was a joke—not based in fact, just aimed at making fun of how expensive the Mac ecosystem is. Now go ahead and list those few things that are free for Macs just to make me jealous)
  3. damn, I read Omnisphere... I need a nap
  4. I couldn't help it and started watching the video. It's painful. The filters filter, the EQ EQs, the compressor compresses. At some point he says that this plugin has the "perfect amount of bands for an EQ." Dude, don't try so hard. As for workflow, there's always trade offs. What if you want two compressors in series? Also, I don't see a control to do parallel compression. Single window vs multiple windows is the same with tradeoffs, single is more convenient, multiple shows more parameters. "The really cool thing about this is [that] you can change the order of these modules." Plugin of the year. His conclusion is that you get "pro" sound out of this and that's why it's worth its price. What a load... Funny thing, the next video YouTube recommended was one of Dan Worrall's videos from the series "What's wrong with stock plugins?" I like the algorithm's sense of humor.
  5. NO (there, I saved you 15 min)
  6. This is what Kevin Costner used to phone ET's younger twin
  7. they forgot to mention that this software is y2k-proof
  8. these are not plugins but plugs, close enough?
  9. Monomox

    Waves Vocal Bender

    These Waves people are so modest. Why not give this plugin a list price of $3,499 and say you're getting a 99% discounted intro price?
  10. Monomox

    Waves Vocal Bender

    looks like a simpler version of AlterBoy
  11. when is it going to go for $9, that is the question here
  12. Ditto what Hatstand said. My 11-yo son and I built a modest intel PC for $390. The plan was to buy a $200 video card to bring the total to $600-ish, but video card prices are through the roof right now. He's playing Fortnite quite comfortably on it with the CPU's built-in GPU. Obviously, almost no textures, but looking at videos of people using the RX 570 or the GT FORCE 1650 Super, there is not a lot of difference. I mean, for $390, we're pretty happy (he paid for most of it). This is the original list. We downgraded the memory to 8 GB (we can expand later if needed), and found a deal in Amazon where you could get that same CPU and a motherboard for $185). https://pcpartpicker.com/user/monomox/saved/#view=MHQ7RB Take into account that the pandemic has decimated parts of the supply chain, so prices are fluctuating a lot.
  13. Monomox

    Klevgrand Svep FREE

    Got my FREE license RIGHT AWAY. I even thought about installing it for a second.
  14. Monomox


    50% CPU use, which doesn't sound so bad based on what you guys are saying (I have a Ryzen 5 2600). But my DAW (S1 5) misbehaved in a way I had not seen. The GUI just went crazy. Sound was meh. Uninstalling.
  15. I want of these to share MIDI presets for MDrummer! Does is already exist, do you guys know?
  16. The release notes say Jan 19th
  17. shouldn't the stupid PA plugin manager have a modicum of intelligence and track what you've already installed so you don't have to? wouldn't that be the *minimum* a plugin manager oughtta do? do you guys like to complain as much as I do? feels great EDIT: shouldn't this "manager" also authorize plugins since it's using your account to connect to and download from PA anyways? sheesh
  18. I wasn't going to go for it, but waht the hell, it's just three clicks away
  19. Monomox

    Computer is down!

    +1. Macrium free is great and the paid personal version is quite affordable. I used it free until their BF sale. I paid $35 and the extra functionality is well worth the money.
  20. Monomox

    Computer is down!

    I love my Ryzen 5 built. I have had it for about a year, not a single problem. It shaved probably $70 off the total cost. Now I'm building a PC for my son and AMD costs are super high, I think they're having supply issues.
  21. Monomox

    Computer is down!

    Good luck, Larry. For the rest of us....
  22. Monomox

    Soundiron Shake

    after thinking about it for months, I finally went for Sharine this BF... oh well
  23. found this https://www.izotope.com/en/products/nectar/features.html
  24. Redeemed? Yes. Downloaded? Meh, no. It's not about D16 or this plugin, it's just that I'm feeling a bit... saturated? 😁
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