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  1. Fred's Gratis Scores


    Makes me want to grab a surfboard and catch some narly waves, nice work!
  2. Besides liking the song, I'm hearing everything pretty clearly on my cheap work headphones. Love the bass.
  3. Love the guitar sounds in this one.
  4. Race To The Shore by Fred's Gratis Scores High energy #choral #orchestral piece with driving #strings and #brass. Companion video on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV7MMYKhOXA CC-BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) (c) 2021 Fred’s Gratis Scores, some rights reserved. This piece is licensed under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC-BY) and includes license to use commercially and create derivative works. You can download to use in your playlists, repost, or in videos offline and/or on any social media or broadcast platform. If you are able, please credit “Fred’s Gratis Scores” with a link to this page. Have fun! Download available here. Stems available at: https://www.bandlab.com/freds_gratis_scores/race-to-the-shore Instruments used in this piece: - Cinesamples CineWoods CORE - Cinesamples CineBrass CORE - Native Instruments Damage - Spitfire Originals Cinematic Percussion - Native Instruments Noire - Native Instruments Play Series - Spitfire Albion ONE Steam Band - SoundIron Requiem Lite - Cinesamples CineStrings CORE #Soundtrack #FredsGratisScores #Cinesamples #CineWoodsCore #CineBrassCore #NativeInstrumentsDamage #NativeInstrumentsPlaySeries #Spitfire #AlbionONE #NativeInstrumentsNoire #SoundIronRequiemLite #CineStringsCore
  5. Thanks @Noel Borthwick To follow up on my side, I have verified that the same problem exists when using VSTs other than Kontakt: Start Cakewalk and load template project: 8.9GB Cakewalk memory used as expected baseline Save Spitfire BBC-SO B Trombone as track template, 1 track, 1 instance: 14.4GB Cakewalk memory used, does not go down Save AmpleSound Guitar LP as track template, 1 track, 1 instance: 19GB Cakewalk memory used, does not go down Save Surge Synth as track template with 2 tracks, 2 instances: 23.2GB Cakewalk memory used Dropped a bit to 22.3GB used after about a minute. Close project without closing Cakewalk (no project loaded): 7.5GB Cakewalk memory used, does not go down Hope this helps.
  6. Yes, each time a track template is saved from the same project, the memory usage increases. Closing the project without closing Cakewalk to reclaim memory does not work for me, I have to exit Cakewalk to reclaim the memory. The first release of memory in the graph below is closing the project without closing Cakewalk, the second is closing Cakewalk. I will try this with some VSTs other than Kontact to see how they fair.
  7. I'm seeing the same symptoms (Cakewalk memory going up and not being released) on a blank project with the same track templates loaded I was using above, just not to the 5GB extreme each time. With 4 track templates loaded, Cakewalk sat at ~1GB of memory. After saving the same track templates I did on my OP, Cakewalk is now sitting at 2.8GB memory used and is not going down after waiting several minutes.
  8. Hi, I have the latest version of Cakewalk By BandLab (2021.12) and a small-medium sized orchestral project template with 214 tracks and about 53 soft synths. Every time I save a folder+tracks as a track template, it eats up about 5G of memory and does not release it until I close Cakewalk. My system is Windows 10 with 32GB system memory. Also, it takes over a minute for the save to complete. Monitoring memory usage with Windows Task manager, this is what I'm experiencing: Start and log in to the computer: 5.3GB out of 32GB memory used. Start Cakewalk: 5.6GB total / 145.3MB Cakewalk used Load Template (214 tracks, ~53 soft synths, 47 track/synths in Archive state): 15.3GB total / 8.7GB Cakewalk used Save Track template that uses Kontakt and 3 instruments with all samples purged: 20.6GB total / 14.3GB Cakewalk used (does not go down afterwards) Save another Track template of Kontakt with 3 instruments and all samples purged: 25.2GB total / 18.8GB Cakewalk used (does not go down even after several minutes) Save another Track template of Kontakt with 2 instruments and all samples purged: 29.6GB total / 23.2GB Cakewalk used (still is not going down) - my system memory is now maxed out and Cakewalk is noticeably slower (I would expect that with maxed system memory). Close project: 12.9GB total / 7.7GB Cakewalk used - I would expect this to go back down to ~140MB used by Cakewalk. Still does not go down after waiting several minutes. Close Cakewalk: 5.2GB system memory used. Seems all Cakewalk memory recovered. I don't think this is a new issue, I've been experiencing slow track template save times since track templates were fixed (was that this year or last? I don't remember). I'm just now noticing the memory that it's eating up and not releasing. I haven't checked yet what happens with memory on a project with no tracks or busses, but I do know it's significantly faster. I'd be willing to gather that memory usage data if it would help. I think someone else was seeing slow track template save times during the 2021.12 pre-release, but I don't remember who it was. Thanks!
  9. Since the update, I've been getting this alot when I open Cakewalk. Both of my MIDI devices don't load with "There is not enough memory available..." as "Reported by Windows". Once I was able to clear it by turning my devices off and back on, but all other times I have to log out to clear it. It works the first time I open Cakewalk, but if I close Cakewalk and reopen it, I get these errors again. The only applications I have open is Chrome with 2 tabs and the Groove Windows player. Task manager shows I have plenty of memory available. Again, I only saw this maybe once a month before the update. Since Cakewalk doesn't crash, there is no dump file.
  10. Hmmm... That looks like current behavior, I've done exactly that before this release. I was following the instructions in the release notes. It says nothing about dragging it up or down, just left or right. Perhaps I'm not understanding the following:
  11. I'm absolutely loving the nested folders, it is going to save me huge amounts of time scrolling and in organization when finding an instrument in my 208 track orchestral template. Thank you so much for this feature! I'm having a very difficult time moving tracks left or right (in and out of folders). Either I don't know where to grab the track or it just isn't working for me. I can move tracks up and down, but that same grab point does not move the track left or right (right into the parent folder of the track above it). I've even started with a fresh project, here's my repo steps: Create new blank project (no tracks) Create 6 audio tracks (CTRL+T x 6) Select tracks 1-3, right click and select Move To Folder / New Track Folder Hover mouse over track 3 to where you get an up/down cursor. Drag left, the track does not move out of the folder. Expected behavior: Track is removed from the folder. Hover the mouse cursor over track 4 to where you get an up/down cursor. Drag right, the track does not move into the folder of that track 3 is in. Expected behavior: Track is added to the same folder as Track 3.
  12. @Ronny.G I'm running the latest release of Cakewalk by BandLab (2021.11 as of the time of this writing). I tried the steps you outlined above, but everything looks good on the audio input to track 3. After much testing and trying different things, I was able to resolve my issue with Kontakt. The issue actually happened when I deleted unused tracks on that Kontakt instance. I resolved that issue by resetting the default outputs in Kontakt from a blank project. Now when I open my project template, when I delete unused tracks the routing does not get messed up and the instrument audio input show the proper labels and not multiple sets of "Kt.3". Not sure how it got messed up but I know it did start happening when they added the "nice" readable labels to the instrument audio input selector.
  13. Powerful song. Piano and strings work very well behind the towering vocal. Epic.
  14. I've always liked that doubled guitar sound. Love the line "They days got longer, so did my hair". lol!
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