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  1. I have been trying to install BandLab on my Windows 10, and it just hangs at the introductory BandLab opening Logo (a picture of a guy with a guitar and "Welcome to Bandlab") It doesn't go any further than that.  Frustrating. Tried first clicking administrator.. no change.
  2. I have used an old version of Cakewalk from years ago. I love this new format, but there are obvious differences from the old version. In old Cakewalk, when you came to the end of a track, the song would automatically stop. In New Cakewalk, this doesn't happen. The play just keeps on going. How can I get it to stop, and then can I choose whether or not it returns to the beginning, or just stay there. I'm sure these functions are available, I just can't find them. Thanks for your help.
  3. I am not sure where to post this question... but it’s about editing within the program. The Wav files that I have don't stop at the end of the song, but keep on going. How would I find an answer to that question as to how to put in some sort of stop function that can apply to all of tracks. Is there a global option?
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