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  1. Thanks Scook for fast responce. I downloaded the file and tried to install the driver. It does start but it stops installing after I was asked to connect the firewire and switch on the SPS-66. I waited for a while but nothing further happened. I did try a few times but the installer always freezes at the same point. Tried it with a brand new Firewire cable, with same result. I don't know how to get around this issue, may I will need to purchase a new audio interface. Best regards, Loek
  2. Hi to all, I lost 'contact' with my SPS-66 firewire interface. I tried to reinstall it, but in order to do so I needed ti uninstall the old driver files first. So, that's what I did. Now it is impossible to find the driver for SPS-66 WIN 10 64 bit. Anyone an idea where I could find the driver? I looked at the software support page and the only downloads I found were win 7 and 8, No win 10 64 bit present. I do own the Sonar Power Studio already for a long time, perhaps I need to upgrade to a new interface? I lost my sound upon installing a new EQ set, but that didn't change thge connections to my PC at all. Hope to hera from someone. Best regards, Loek
  3. Thanks John D and Chappel for your quick responces. I managed to get the Virgin Choir DLL file in - what I believe is - the right directory. As soon however as I want to attach it to a midi track a pop up screen appears that a Fatal Error occured , Sibelius saves a copy and after that it shuts down completely. I tried it within an existing project and with a new project with the same result. Any idea's ? Thanks and best regards, Loek
  4. Hi all, I'm having trouble installing Virgin Choir VST. I downloaded it and unzipped the set. BUT there is no installer included. Anyone an idea on where to download the VST with the installer? I tried finding it for over an hour on the internet, surely enough hits on the title but no download came complete with the installer that let's you install the dll file . Thanks for any suggestions! Loek van Kersbergen
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