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  1. I just bought the upgrade, thanks again Larry!
  2. I really am enjoying it and would like to get the upgrade to complete. Do you think upgrade price may go down in near future.
  3. Thanks everyone, For those interested in the cassette tape transfer to the DAW, here it is. Recorded in 1982 and transferred onto a DAW 37 years later after the tape was in a bag in my basement. Thanks for all your suggestions and help. Alan
  4. Thanks the project worked out great. Better sound than I expected from a 35 year old cassette recorded by two 18 year olds. We had a lot of laughs listening to what we wrote at that time.
  5. I don’t think so, I have not downloaded it yet but will do that today. I think the strings package comes with the complete edition.
  6. I have the regular Reason 10.5 and it is not showing up as a reworn device. Is there anything I need to change in settings? I really miss using it via retire. thanks, Alan
  7. I found an old cassette tape of original material I recorded in a studio with my friend about 30 years ago. I want to transfer the music to my DAW in the best quality I can manage. I have an old, but at the time, quality cassette deck. I was going to run RCA cables from my cassette deck to my VS 100 interface and see if that works. Any suggestions? I was going to try to use ozone 7 to see if I can clean up the sound if the transfer works. This has a great deal of meaning to me as these were the first recordings my friend and I ever created and I want to be able to send the songs to him in a modern format. Thanks for any help. Alan
  8. Thanks, I just got it for $160. Looks like a fun instrument for generating ideas with a limited orchestration knowledge. Alan
  9. Just discovered my reason 10 no longer shows up as rewire device in Cakewalk. That stinks.
  10. Alan

    SSD for Dell XPS Desktop?

    Thanks everyone, I just bought the Samsung from new egg. Have a great New Year! Alan
  11. Hello, Can anyone recommend a SSD drive for a Dell XPS Desktop. I want to just be able to plug it into the D drive slot. 1-2 TB would work fine. Thanks for any suggestions, Alan
  12. Hi, Can anyone give me the directions to add the addictive drums 2 drum map to cakewalk by bandlab. I was trying to follow the old sonar directions but it doesn't seem to work. Thanks, Alan
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