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  1. Thank you for the reply, I have checked the directory path, and it's installed in the same place as PLAY (opus.dll), but I'll try what you said below, thank you. *it is a little curious that reaper detected it without me doing anything differently tho
  2. Hello, I recently installed OPUS through EW installation center and when I loaded CW, I noticed OPUS didn't come up as an option to be loaded. I also have ENGINE installed, and everything there is working fine + I installed PLAY from EW's installation center just to make sure that wasn't getting rogued as well, but that did indeed come up in CW. Uninstalled OPUS a couple of times and nothing came of it... Don't know if this helps, but I recently switched from another computer (where I never had this problem) and moved my composer cloud license through iLok to this computer. Also, OPUS actually runs perfectly as standalone. Also tried reinstalling cakewalk. If anyone has any suggestions about this, I would be very, very grateful for any help! *I tested it on Reaper (60 day trial free version) and OPUS loads there
  3. That might be the case then haha It was quite a while back so I don't remember exactly where I got word of this, but I suspect it was a guy on youtube doing a review of this library and he had a link under his video for the download of the library. Most likely cracked. I'll see if I can find it. EDIT: I think I got it from here, and yeah, it's cracked haha [link removed]
  4. Hmm, perhaps But I'll try again and see if it works under the new directory, otherwise just gonna give up
  5. Hey, thank you for replying I understand that my system is 64-bit, but what is curious is that I've had no issue with other plugins of the 32-bit kind. Also, I forgot to mention that I had this exact same problem on my laptop, which is 8GB RAM and also 64-bit, but also did run 32-bit plugins other than Edirol. It is a shame, really, because Edirol is a free vst now and is pretty great for making retro fantasy music, so I would like to use it for that purpose.
  6. Hello! Thanks for the response I think I have the onboard audio. You mean, the built-in sound card? When I open the sound control panel I see both "NVIDIA High Definition Audio" and "Realtek(R) Audio". The NVIDIA one is disabled, because it wasn't working with cakewalk for some reason, so I'm using the Realtek one. I'm plugged into a speaker with just a normal audio cable. But this is literally the only plugin giving me problems. Also, I have used other 32-bit plugins which have not given me any problems at all (VSCO for example). I'll try re-installing it into that directory though, and see if it works. Thanks!
  7. Hello! I hope I'm posting this in the right place I recently started using cakewalk, and so far all of the libraries I have used have run smoothly or without any major issues, but when I try using the Edirol Orchestral library the programme crashes. I am (and I cannot stress this enough) an absolute noob when it comes to tech stuff, so I have had a real hard time making head or tails out of what could be causing this. Just FYI, I have an HP Omen 25L, 16GB RAM, GeForce RTX 2070 Graphics card, Ryzen 7 processor (if that is relevant), running on windows 10, and the daw + all libraries are in an SSD folder. Also, I don't get any notifications before crashes, the only thing that happens is that one by one the instruments of the Edirol library which are loaded into tracks will start going silent/will not play any sound (even the already recorded ones). Maybe this has something to do with the fact that it's a 32-bit daw? I really hope someone could help, since this is a really neat library for some retro fantasy sounding music.
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