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  1. Anyone using ADAPTIVERB ? While waiting for zynaptiq tech support, ADAPTIVERB to get back, thought I'd ask here on what setting to check when a VST3 or VST2x64 plugin cannot process in realtime even when a "LIVE" option is available on the plugin. For years All my plugins are x64 and I thought this type of issue was in the past. The issue is audio crunchies in playback or realtime or when track bounced crashed Cbb. I use another of their plugins WORMHOLE and it does not have this issue. win10x64 AMD 12Core 32GB RAM
  2. Bounced MIDI track to itself but there are MIDI notes stacked on top of each other. What's a quick way to delete doubled MIDI notes that occupy the same space and pitch?
  3. It's a bit over my head, I'm reading up on K6 Instrument Definitions, but it's way more than I really want to dive into. I will report back on the: Record (or Bounce the MIDI audio) Then Tempo change the actual Audio, not reliant on samples in real time. ~ Thanks for the help!
  4. Where to find instrument definition for MIDI piano, I mean is it a setting inside Cbb, or Kontakt? It's the Kontakt 6 Library: August Foerster Grand
  5. I agree I don't think the tempo should make a difference, no effects just a MIDI piano and a the temp ramp slowing down the end of the song.
  6. Kontakt 6 MIDI Piano + Tempo ramp from 200 BPM to 0 BPM The issue is once the tempo slows down the Piano audio is making a clicking sound. Might there be a better way to make a song slow down without the sampler audio stuttering? It might work better bouncing all the MIDI Piano audio without the tempo change, then tempo changing the WAV audio.
  7. It's an older personal project, but was experimenting with Roland GR-1 MIDI at the time. I just need to salvage the MIDI and none of the Patch or Event change data. CC-1 i think is volume.
  8. What are some MIDI controls to turn off that would be changing a patch? After setting all 16 channels to be unique patches, on playback Immediately some of the patched on channel 3 and 6 default to a different patch. MIDI Channel 6 all the the notes are channel 6 On Play, the channel stays the same (6) but hte patch (sound) changed to a different instrument. TRIED: Pref > Zero controllers = off MIDI Exclusive = off
  9. I was just trying to make a Channel Strip specific for each of my guitars, and PC is a way to keep things organized. I thinks there's a way to add an effects chain to the PC now, that might work.
  10. What is a good compressor for Classical Guitar that can be used in the Pro Channel? In this case it's a mono, single track. I was following this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLwlWt75ExY Then realized the Pro Channel Default compressor setting do not have that range. anyone share or know how to acquire the Pro Channel version of FET Compressor by Softube? (nevermind, looks like crashed Cakewalk) https://www.cakewalk.com/Products/Softube-Mix-Bundle/FET-Compressor
  11. Like a chapter in a sad romance novel, there is a PeRV* that needs to be touched. Somewhere in a right click menu or drop-down there is a "last touched" option for MIDI note length, where might that be? It's lonely and needs to be loved and touched, to ensure proper note length. * (Piano Exclusive Roll View)
  12. For some reason I thought that was a new feature, but it must be just the nested Folders. Track Template sounds good, thanks!
  13. is it possible to copy or Duplicate a Track Folder and all the tracks it contains?
  14. How to go about re creating this effect in CBB? Looking for Anyone that has converted a hardware Effects chain into a CBB effects chain. I will experiment and post any good results here. Axe-Edit Stacked 4 lanes and left to right signal flow. I don't remember the default effect name but the effect layers a synth sound over certain frequencies. AxeEdit_DelaySynth.pdf
  15. This is for anyone using MOTU Ultralite mk3 Hybrid hardware and CBB. Current Setup is: Guitar--->MOTU(mono)--->CBB Track 1 (mono) INPUT ECHO = ON Currently input Echo has to be "on" to hear the incoming signal.
  16. I have used MIDI guitar since Roland GR-1. Tracking and Per string mute is my endless quest for Guitar to MIDI and the GI-20 works best with my Godin for real-time performance, but looks like Melodyne 5 (and others) are being used after the audio is recorded to clean up all the typical MIDI glitches? I never had any luck with converting vocals to midi and would like a demo or tutorial on how to get that process to work. sounds cool, Might need to start another thread for that! hardware Roland GI-20 (per string mute) hardware Axon (per string mute) imitone Melodyne 5
  17. This looks interesting, Will you explain a use case for this and Do you place the MTuner on the MIDI track?
  18. thanks all for use case. The reason I even asked is, the Default for a track export was already set at 32bit, and my project being 48Hz / 24bit was causing confusion as i thought the export would have defaulted to that. I go long periods of time without recording and forget this info and appreciate going back to the forums for info like this. Mostly I use Cbb as a musical notepad, a way to record ideas. I am indeed exporting out the track undithered (because I plan to plugin / master at a later time) I just really want to preserve the quality as much as possible because I'll be using the file in the same or another 48Hz / 24bit Project. ~ Thank you!
  19. Project is 48Hz / 24bit is there any advantage to export a track's audio at 32 Bit Depth? (or a higher bit depth than the recorded project audio) It's not a final mix and it uses plugins and will be used in another 48Hz / 24bit project. The mixed audio however, will be final rendered to DVD and CD quality.
  20. Step 5 select "Clip Automation PAN" How to split a stereo track? Follow this tutorial correctly to get the result. Cakewalk Sonar Quick Tip 1 - How to split up a stereo recording into separate tracks
  21. same here, 48Hz / 24bit is all default recording. Sample rate changes are always fun " hey, who chipmunked my song last night?"
  22. Something corrupted the project file. Deleted the project and started again, importing the recorded files. works as expected.
  23. I've had ASIO drivers for years, I don't ever remember not using them. I use to be able to switch the audio source and in real time it just worked.
  24. anyone use this or know how to route this MORPH2 plugin in Cbb? This might need patchpoints but not sure how to get this to work. zynaptiq.com This is what's been tried and it works, but i'm sure there is a better way that can also use stereo. Track A LEFT Track B RIGHT sent to stereo BUS
  25. How to only export only the selected Arrange Clips as one song? The Range is on by default, how to turn it off?
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