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  1. Hi I'm new to Cakewalk - just downloaded it. I've created two new MIDI tracks, using two different instruments. According to what I see on the screen in the piano roll view, and also according to the event view, they both start at the same time on the same note. But when I play them, one of them starts a split second behind the other and they are not playing simultaneously. I can't find anything in the documentation that would explain why this is happening? On a side note, I'm struggling to find documentation for the MIDI functionality - whenever I search the link below I get documentation for SONAR X2, which seems to have had a significantly different interface. This is the link I'm using for documentation - which I get to via the Help menu in Cakewalk: http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=0x184C5 Thank you in advance!
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