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  1. I'm trying to make a song where a certain arpeggio pattern slowly rises in pitch, but it's too long for me to draw out all the MIDI. Is there any automation feature that lets me do this?
  2. Thanks! But why does it say that the player expires in 14 days?
  3. See I recently installed The Free Orchestra by Project Sam via .zip file. But after extracting for some reason even though I've put all Project Sam folders into the VST Settings, but it still doesn't scan them. Help? If this helps: -I have never had Project Sam VSTs before. -I haven't installed the downloader.
  4. Thank. You. So. Much!!! However, I meant when the project crashes due to a power-cut, or something like that. Like Sketchbook does. However, this makes it better. Thanks again!
  5. I was making a nice layout where I could have all my instruments at hand, and then Cakewalk just crashed on me. Lost almost 1.5 hours of work. Have to add 30+ tracks all over again and rename each. Very disappointing that cakewalk doesn't already have this.
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