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  1. I interupt this Fred with an impotanant massage. BE A MODEL CITIZEN!!! submit Use proper elevator etiquette! Stand in your corner, face the wall and focus on your job tasks of the day submit or checkout you social internet gathering place or better VIDEO Game conform face away from everyone and what ever you do do WEAR YOUR MASK AT ALL TIMES AND DO NOT ENGAGE IN COVERSATION! Remember - Head down, face the wall, and away from other elevator occupants , NO TALKING, use your iphone for entertainment submit BE A MODEL CITIZEN!! It is your DUTY! report all violators
  2. Now that I think about it. We should start our own Becan Squeeze product/ company. We could call it Louisiana Coffee House Becon Sauce (LCHB)
  3. I think Fanny Candle would be a great name for a band
  4. You see they thought I was playing......................never mind
  5. While in another Fred I realized I could have just bought trophies when I was in high school. It’s like the time I finally told my wife “ok, I’ll play charades “ only to hane a heart attack when it was my turn
  6. All 3rd party plugins including free ones
  7. or That’s what she wants us to believe
  8. I just used my mouse on my guitar and it sounded fine. Thanks to my Boney Fingers
  9. I’m having problems running a video at the same time I run software such as AD2 stand alone. I tweaked windows 10 for best performance when I upgraded my system. Before I could run a tutorial video while using AD2 and follow along. Now the video just freezes up Thanks for any help on this in advance
  10. Tommy Tedesco told some great studio stories
  11. I can hear a big difference between live amps sound and recording in a DAW. It's the people listening that can't and most don't care
  12. Where in Missouri? I lived in Springfield for a couple of years then moved Lebanon till 2009 My youngest daughter is still in Springfield
  13. 15 days to go I have had pneumonia now for almost 2 months feeling better today though there’s nothing I can do about my appearance butt tomorrow a Dentist is going to replace my tooth with a new one I can’t get my eye replacement till I Am over the pneumonia then I’ll be Sir Frankenbill of the bayou
  14. Shirley you guys aren’t falling for this besides he admits he lying right of the bat the truth is the people listening to your recordings can’t tell the difference
  15. One of my earliest memories is of my Dad taking me with him to the boonies of North Carolina to get pint jars of white lightning. We’d have to go deep into the woods to a clearing while several stills were set up. They’ hold the jar up high and whirl it then take a small sip make a funny face and say ”weeee doggie”
  16. Speaking of topical The rumor from aides is there’s so much politeness lately in Washington. The phrase “ pardon me “ is everywhere
  17. Which reminds me I dated many women but the last one always kept me in line! no matter how many men were in front of me
  18. I want thank Craig for posting a reminder of the gal I dated in high school Patty had a great personality
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