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  1. Yet another change . Now a surgeon is going to replace the old PEG Feeding tube and put in a new one all in one surgery.  That looks like the smartest solution. I Am still in hospital looking at the nurses and watching cars and trucks go buy for my window 

     very cool! I have my own room and there’s NO pain

  2. I asked to be taken off the morphine! That’s some bad stuff and I refuse to let them give it to me  anymore. The side effects are unbelievable 

    l have hallucinations and I’m wired way to tight 

    Doc said he’s prescribing Tylenol 

    and then we talked about usin Cakewalk by Bandlab


  3. I went to Emergency Room This Morning and the Doctor came in and said “You’re getting more a fien every day!” or at least that’s how I remember it 

    Anyway I  Am stuck here till Saturday cuz my peg feeding tube is infected 


    but in a musical way 


  4. Speaking of,  pain the meds are wearing off after I've been asleep about 4 hours . I wake hurting so bad. I don't want to get up because to use the meds I have to crush them up and do the feeding tube thing and it's impossible by myself. I've been able to get back to sleep the last 2 nights thank goodness. The Doc said this pain should go away in a few days. Time is going by very slowly

    p.s. you're absolutly right Shane

  5. I'm really hurting


    I can't move 

    however there will be a nurse coming by twice a day to feed me

    This conjures various sinnareos in  my mind    .....ponder ponder



    She may want to discuss How to use compressors in Cakewalk 

    I'll post the results

  6. Am fixin to leave to have the PEG feeding tube put in but before I do I wanted to post my last meal I get 😢

    Doc says this is probably the last time I get to eat 

    goom dispair agony on me


    My last meal was this taco salad

    I took a picture so I could remince 

  7. Cucumbers? That’s so last century! 

    Zookeeny ! Sautéed with a light coat of olive oil and a touch of but tier

    now you made me forget what I was talking about ...............         ........       ........      .......

    oh yeah Exaggeration 

    exaggeration is saying” I sneezed 1000 times “or “I could sleep for a week”

    or taking a respiratory infection and calling it a pandemic then getting all your friends to distribute and sell cough medicine that partially takes care of it 


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