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  1. You'd think that, but I really am that forgetful. I've lost many jobs by thinking I could go this route. My music notation software sets to autosave every five minutes, but as long as I'm not doing some very strange notation when autosave starts, it's fine there; and I do save after every page. On a DAW, there's no feeling of a decent "stopping point" to remember to hit CTRL+S. But, two points to that: 1.) If there is no other solution, I'll probably try this again. 2.) I just downloaded the update, and haven't heard it. But I've been working with audio files the last few days, and this probably only happens with a number of instruments loaded.
  2. No, but it does freeze up for a few seconds; though I attribute that to the number of loaded VST instruments.
  3. I don't know that Matt does that kind of thing, but I can definitely ask him. Calling Nyle would be my last resort, and it would have to be through some friends, but yes...Nyle is probably the right choice. Thanks!
  4. So I'm trying to do something exactly like this: I'd love to use this technique to do a decent performance of the Bach Cello Suites and still be able to play some of the extremely difficult/impossible phrases by having them programmed in. Note how he just moves one finger up and down and it moves on to the next note. So the notes are pre-programmed, and he's just dictating the rhythm, phrasing, breath, volume, articulation, etc. What tool could be used for this?
  5. Anyone having every note on every virtual instrument hit when autosave goes to work? I have autosave set for every five minutes, and it causes me to practically jump every five minutes. I could turn off autosave, but that's playing with fire.
  6. Hey guys, my first time posting here! Been a casual Cakewalk user since around '05. I mostly use it for audio recording/editing, and have a working knowledge of the MIDI/instrument vst side. So I'm trying to do something exactly like this: I'd love to use this technique to do a decent performance of the Bach Cello Suites without having to omit double/triple stops, and the solution is ending up, so far, as learning to use MidiChords. Problem is, I can't figure out how to output the instrument VST to a sound. My steps: Created an instrument track (input echo is selected) Made a secondary MIDI track Set the input on the MIDI track for synth to the plug-in and enable input echo. Here's where I'm confused. If the output to the MIDI channel is set to MidiChords and MidiChords is an instrument (and therefore has an audio output), how do I route a sound into it? The MIDI information is triggering, I just don't know how to patch a sound to it. Thanks! Actually, here are some follow-up questions: 1.) Is MidiChords the right plugin to do the "cheating" of just wiggling a finger and getting the right sequence of notes to happen, regardless of the fingering? 2.) Would this work for, say, a triple-stop where the top note is trilling, then move right into a single-note line again? The Bach suites would be perfect practice for a toolset like this, but these are some pretty intricate and complicated hurdles to jump over.
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