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  1. I'm sure this has been answered here but if so, I can't find it... Say I want to bounce two audio tracks, with their automation and fx, to a third track. If I use "Tracks" mode in the Bounce Tracks dialog, then the result is two additional tracks. If I use "Entire Mix" mode with the selected tracks, then ALL un-muted tracks get bounced down to one track UNLESS I also designate the selected tracks as "Solo". I must be doing something wrong. There must be a way to bounce just the selected tracks to a single track without having to "solo" the selected tracks first. Thanks in advance for setting me straight.
  2. I'm guessing you are going tell me: I have to re-save the workspace before I quit the project in order for my selection to be remembered!
  3. I have the latest (2020 - 09) version and the project does not remember my selection in the Track View, under the MIDI tab, to not "Show Velocity". I turn it off, save the project, reload the project, and the "show velocity" checkbox is back on.
  4. I have a project with 66 tracks, arranged into 13 track folders. As I was moving the last few tracks into Folder #13, and then clicking "Save", Cakewalk responded with "General Error" and I could not save the project from that point onward. So I went back to a previous version and tried again to move the un-foldered tracks into Folder #13, but this time, one at a time, and then saving after each move. I could move about 3 or 4 tracks this way until I hit "General Error" and had to close the project and re-open. After a few closes/re-opens, I was able to move Track 66 into Folder #13 and hit Save and it successfully saved. Folder #13 has 9 tracks. The most tracks that any of my folders contains is 14. If I am hitting some kind of Cakewalk track/folder limit, I shouldn't be able to bypass the limit by closing and re-opening the project. Something's amiss here.
  5. @chris.r "How do you get the note properties pop-up by right-clicking? I get note deleted here." I get the Note Properties dialog box by (a) using the wrench (Edit) tool, (b) hovering over one of the selected noted until the "pencil plus up-and-down bars" cursor appears, and then (c) right-clicking. And thank you for pointing out how to do what I wanted to do (mass-assignment of note velocity) via the Event Inspector in the Control Bar. I so often forget about those docked-away modules.
  6. I would also like to recommend adding track sort buttons (i.e., up/down/move to top) to the track list dialog box, so that one can select a track and move it up/down in the list. I realize that one can drag a track up and down in the track view but it would require much less real estate and it would be clearer what one was doing, if one could easily move tracks to arbitrary positions via the track list dialog. Thanks.
  7. Request: I would like an *easy* way, after selecting a GROUP of notes in Piano Roll View (PRV), to change the velocity of all of the selected notes to a specific value. Currently, if you right-click on one of the selected notes, you get a dialog box for note value, velocity etc, that applies only to the note that was clicked on, even though multiple notes are selected. Consequently, if you type in a new velocity, only the velocity of the clicked-on note changes. In the forum, other ideas have been suggested to accomplish velocity change of selected notes only, such as adjusting the size of the velocity bars in PRV -- difficult to pick the right tool for this -- or mass-editing them in Event View, but that's not easy either, as the Event View shows all notes, not just the selected notes and, even if you could isolate the selected notes, there is no way to mass edit the velocity values. My thought is, that if multiple notes are selected in PRV, and one right clicks on *any* of the selected notes, then the note-editing dialog box should appear, except with blank default values for the properties. If the user types a value into one or more of those boxes, then all the selected notes would receive the user-entered value for that property. That seems to be the most intuitive way to extends the current single-note editing capability.
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