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  1. You got all the sounds right. Not bad for first time. Did you record to a click track?
  2. David Sprouse

    Warp 3

    Elon Musk just bought the David Bowie Catalogue. I'm wondering about the soundtrack to his mars expeditions. :D:D Your warp pieces give me a sense of moving through space, and as usual you have nailed it.
  3. I like how forward the solo strings are in the mix. Interesting songs. What's the reverb? Some of the sounds you create are so unique and wonderful (esp in part 2) You're the hieronymous bosch of programmatic music. :D:D
  4. David Sprouse

    Warp 2

    Love the obx. When you say *double cd* are you really printing to a cd?
  5. David Sprouse


    This is such a great production. Does it take a long time from initial idea to the final cut?
  6. good job on the recording. Glad to know melody is not dead. I genuinely felt I was in a glider.
  7. David Sprouse

    ;khpi 3

    Jesse your link don't work!
  8. Thank you men. Means alot, coming from three of my favorite forum composers.
  9. Good job on the recording. It'd make a good acapella song as well. Good luck with the release.
  10. Love meagan's voice. Interesting song, is this an original?
  11. Enjoyed the convergence. The video was fun to watch. Hope you have time to make many more.
  12. Loved your tune rob. As always played perfectly.
  13. Sounds so good. When I was doing tape, I was much sloppier. :D:D Love this song.
  14. Here's a new one. Irrepressibly, love will grow like wildflowers. :D:D
  15. One of the best things I've heard here. I think it'd be fun to do this with you in person.
  16. Thanks for listening. Thank you for the positive energy. We all need that!
  17. thanks for watching Mr. Bush.
  18. Thank you for the tip Bjorn. Yes resolve is great!
  19. David Sprouse

    Cold Rain

    Loved the song.. great improv. Only nit is recorded at low volume...I had to turn it up compared to other stuff on here.
  20. David Sprouse

    who was that

    jack, always edgy. You'll find this isn't really the place for poly ticks though.
  21. I'm curious viz vegas, but I heard it is more prone to crash. Also, magix just isn't stepping up to the plate in terms of development. I'm a long time sound forge user. Da vinci resolve is free.
  22. Nigel, you're too kind. I used premiere rush. I've been reading up on Da Vinci resolve though. Do you have any recommendations?
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