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  1. Glad to hear everything is working solid! In AmpliTube select your MIDI input as the AXE I/O. This is under Settings -> Audio/MIDI Set up. Once selected, you can turn preset control on/off in the MIDI menu toward the top of the screen. The knob doesn't need any addition set up, but if you want you can adjust the messages sent by the knob in the Control section of your AXE I/O control panel. If you think you've changed your MIDI message for the Preset knob and that may be your issue, right click anywhere in the Control section to reset your setting to default.
  2. There is no glitch New tiers announced. Full information here.
  3. New products are not normally included in Group Buys, but we do appreciate your interest in the AmpliTube Brian May collection, and I will be more than happy to pass along your comment.
  4. When you get your AXE I/O you'll get a serial number in the box. Register this online (https://www.ikmultimedia.com/registration/) or in the Authorization Manager (https://www.ikmultimedia.com/authorizationmanager/) to unlock your entry into the Group Buy.
  5. Send me your Ticket # in a PM and I'll flag your case to support. If you can't get registered in time, to help them look into your case, make sure to send them your receipt showing purchase within the Group Buy period.
  6. There is no demo at this time, but Dancetech did two more MODO DRUM videos, both based on a Queen cover. First is the song, second is the process. These might help get you an idea on the controls and sounds offered.
  7. While not the designed usage for AXE I/O and I'm not sure about your RME, ASIO4ALL would help you link the AXE I/O with other (WDM) audio interfaces devices. Mac handles aggregate devices a little better than Windows in this aspect via the Audio MIDI Set Up in Utilities, but I hope this info helps.
  8. Sound on Sound just reviewed SampleTank 4. Check out the full article here: http://bit.ly/2Hyh3Wu
  9. Thanks for your interest here, I've passed along your comment/feedback to the team to see what could be done.
  10. If you guys need to get to your content after a content update or new included instruments are released, please contact support. They can look into each case and how they can help directly. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/contact-support/
  11. SampleTank 4.0.7 has been released! Grab your download now from your User Area -> My Products section of your IK Multimedia account.
  12. I think you guys have gotten things cleared up, but just in case... To clarify, both T-RackS and AmpliTube versions of the Leslie collections work great in Stand-alone and also as plug-in inside your DAW. The Leslie collection in T-RackS is available as a single module or in the T-RackS 5 Suite when using your DAW and the T-RackS 5 Stand-alone software will also allow you to load the Leslie collection, outside of your DAW. Only one place to find out! Sign up for the IK newsletter here or track the main Group Buy page here.
  13. Thanks for your feedback. While we do like the options for users to try out any piece of gear, at anytime, as this does allow for the most customization and some users may want to say TRY just a specific cab without starting the trial on associated the amp just yet. I will be sure to pass along your comments to the team as a user suggestion to see what can be done in the future. As for the included gear, check out the full list of software here. This will help you check everything out before you receive the unit and anticipate your different options. AXE I/O gets you some great stuff. If you have any trouble getting started, don't forget to reach out to support. They are more than happy to help in anyway they can.
  14. Don't forget, each version can be demoed throughout he Custom Shop before you make a final decision on the two. Check out the FAQ here for more information and feel free to PM me with any questions.
  15. Hi All, We just wanted to chime in here with some information for anyone experiencing issues or looking into MODO DRUM. First off, we've reported this to our development team to see if there is anything we can do from our end. Stay tuned for future updates in your User Area -> My Products section of your IK Multimedia account. Now, I do want to point out that this crash seems to only occur to some users and only with the VST3 instance inside of Cakewalk -Bandlab. Other DAWs are not experiencing this issue. Any users who are experiencing issues related to their VST3 instance can switch to the VST2 instance to avoid any issues in the meantime. To enable VST2 plug-ins in Cakewalk - Bandlab, use the Preferences to disable the setting "Hide related VST2 Plug-ins" as well as "Replace if Possible on Project Load". These settings are found under the File -> VST Settings -> VST 3 Migration. Next, you may need to add in your VST2 plug-in folder. Here is a screen shot of my window. Note* As Simeon has pointed out elsewhere, you can also simply delete the VST3 plug-in instance or move it from it's current location. The default path for Windows users will be the Program Files\Common Files\VST3 folder. Hope this helps!
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