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  1. Use the routing matrix in the upper left hand corner, then the pans in the mixer. There is both options for stereo input and output. I've demonstrated in the GIF below. Notice options 2 & 6 offer the option to switch between multi mono and stereo. If you're looking for a delay with stereo output, check out the RACK Digital Delay model. This offers a basic stereo option, doubler option, LCR, LR, and mono option.
  2. Syntronik is a SampleTank 3 instrument to be installed to the SampleTank 3 directory. This will be separate from the SampleTank 4 directory. See this FAQ here.
  3. As long as you've downloaded all of your sounds from your User Area -> My Products section of your IK Multimedia account you should be good to go. I just checked the OXa and it should only have 14 Arpeggio related presets. Keep in mind though, there are a lot of Arpeggiator presets included. These can be used with any instruments in Syntronik for some unique sounds. use the LOCK next to the Arpeggiator preset name to retain he Arpeggiator setting while changing through instruments. Syntronik sounds should appear in both. Do note, SampleTank 4 CS and Syntronik FREE have ways to select your sound content. Make sure these match. Each of these options are In the Settings menu of the programs.
  4. We also have a promotion on the IK website for anyone having issues getting their hands on the product from JRR. From May 22nd through June 2nd, take 70% off of IK's powerful mastering software, Lurssen Mastering Console for Mac/PC and the in-app purchases for Lurssen Mastering Console for iPhone/iPad. Read more here. Also, I figured you guys would appreciate our most recent video on LMC where we go over everything from signal flow to transferring projects between platforms. Enjoy!
  5. Shoot me a message with your ticket number. We should be able to figure out what's going on here and get you back to making music.
  6. The Hammond B-3X software has a CABS page with a MIXER sub-section, where you can independently control the D.I, Leslie (Amp + Cab selected in the Leslie tab), and Guitar Amp (Amp/Cab select in the Guitar Amp tab). While you can't disable the cabinet from the LESLIE tab, disabling the LESLIE section from the MIXER tab will remove both amp and cab. Hope this helps! Just a side note (Sorry if it's a but OT), if you guys haven't checked out the overview and comparison with Hammond B-3X, check it out below. Great jams and he goes over how it compares to a couple alternatives.
  7. It's best to install the full Miroslav Philharmonik 2 content to make sure you have everything. For a full list of Miroslav Philharmonik 2 sounds, click here .
  8. Thanks for reaching out to support. They are looking into your case, keep an eye out for their reply. They did notice Total Studio 2 MAX is already in your account so you can get started now. See the support teams email for some steps to get started.
  9. The instruments and samples go hand in hand. The updates will include any necessary instruments and samples to update your content.
  10. The sound content will remain as is for now, but we've separated updates to make things easier for everyone. We still suggest backing up your content after downloading.
  11. For anyone interested, t here was a recent update to the way Sound Library Updates are handled in My Products for SampleTank 4. They are now in their own location and due to this, outside of the expiration period for sounds. These can be downloaded at any time. Check out the image below. I figured a couple of you here would appreciate the heads up. 🤘
  12. Sorry about that. I've fixed the link. Not sure what happened there. To clarify, support is the best route for anyone in this situation. This was just the best method from our experience with various group buys, but again, we appreciate the interest and I will pass this along. Thanks again for your support and joining the conversation here.
  13. This is not an issue. The Group Buy drop down is not designed for users to select duplicate items. While we understand the interest here and you guys are more than free to make your case here. With the influx of support from the last Group Buy due to the lack of this feature, we decided this would be the best way to make sure support is not tied up with these issues to be able to keep resolving anyone real problems a user may have.
  14. I will be more than happy to pass this over to the team. Feel free to add in any suggestions to the official T-RackS wish list here: https://cgi.ikmultimedia.com/ikforum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=19888
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