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  1. Yep, I have a SG direct plugged into the Hi-Z #1 Top left of picture. input 1 is mapped to Left. Then a mic into Input 2. Cakewalk only recognises the studio pair 1/2/stereo., no other inputs. And If I set track 1 to Left, then track 2 to right, when I play guitar it records on the Track 2, which is mapped to input 2 and ALSO on track 1. The Mic doesnt record on track 1, no Edit: Thanks for replying!
  2. Hi everyone, hoping to get help recording two instruments (mic and guitar) at once. I have a Profx6v3, and the only channels available for recording are left/right/stereo. If I create a track and plug a guitar in Input 1, and select input as Left, it still comes through as recording on track 2. Even when Track 2 is selected as Right and I have a Mic plugged into Input 2. I'm doing something stupid and I have no idea what. Thanks Chris
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