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  1. @mark skinner Thanks for replying. Perhaps it's true that we can place some DINGs into a single clip and use Melodyne to edit it. But for me, using a sampler is more convenient and direct, as in my case all sounds share the same source (timbre). I'm more used to MIDI editing also.
  2. @Max Arwood Thanks for your tutorial, but I think you misunderstood ... I don't mean to adjust some parts' pictches of a long audio. What I want is: For instance, I have a pretty short audio clip which is just 0.5 seconds long and it sounds like "DING". Now use it as an instrument to form a song (by creating many copies of DINGs and change the pictch of each of them): DING(c) DING(e) DING(e) DING(d) DING(e) DING(c), something like that. @slartabartfast Thanks for replying and I got it! What I need is just a sampler. I choose sforzando by PLOGUE and it works well.
  3. Hello here. There is an imported short audio together with a MIDI clip. Now, I want to set the output sound (or "instrument") of this MIDI to be this audio. In other words, use MIDI to adjust the pitches of this audio's copies automatically. Does Cakewalk support this kind of function? If so, what should I do? Thanks!
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