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  1. Thank you for that suggestion, scook. When I mouse the [Install] button under the “Apps” tab, a screen appears with the heading “Select the add-ons that you would like to install”. The four options are Studio Instruments Suite, Drum Replacer, Melodyne and Theme Editor. But it does not appear to matter how many I check. When I subsequently mouse the [Install] button, the message “Downloading… (0/2)” is displayed and the installer program just seems to idle.
  2. I am trying to install “Cakewalk” on my Windows 7 PC. I downloaded the file ‘bandlab-assistant-windows-latest.exe’ and ran it on the PC. But I do not understand how to now run the “Cakewalk” software. Likely a User (Much) Too Stupid Error. I would be grateful for any suggestions as to what I should do. [ I have been using Cakewalk since it was distributed on 3.5” floppies. But stopped upgrading after I reached the Sonar 8 release. However, this does not recognise a recent VST plug in that I would like to use. So I decided to explore the possibility of running either Bandlab’s “Cakewalk” or “Sonar” applications, and here I am. ]
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