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  1. I've had this occur multiple times. I think it is easily reproduced.
  2. Ah... so you do mean the fader throw length, not the size of the faders themselves. I'd be a fan of allowing for user adjustable fader throw. I just wouldn't change it for myself, and I'd hope that the more screen-space efficient current size would remain as an option. I'm also a fan of adding sidechain routing to the plugin window.
  3. I ran into an issue a couple of times today. I was zoomed in on the timeline to find an audible glitch in a waveform. I then pressed play. Playback started, and of course, the fully zoomed-in timeline is scrolling by very quickly at this point. All expected... but Cakewalk stopped responding to all inputs at this point. I could not stop playback by pressing the spacebar or the stop button on my control surface. I could not change the zoom level. Playback would just continue and eventually Cakewalk would respond to key presses from 15-20 seconds prior. This is on a Ryzen 3900x system.
  4. Not sure if anyone else has brought this up... but I am no longer able to use the Ctrl modifier to open multiple plugin windows simultaneously. If a plugin window is open, holding Ctrl and double clicking on another plugin does nothing.
  5. I'm confused by what you mean when you say the console faders are too small. I've attached a screenshot showing the FL Studio, Cakewalk, and Cubase faders side by side. They all look about the same to me. Do you mean how long the throw is? If that's the case... I don't entirely agree. Fader accuracy when using the mouse is defined entirely by how far you have to move the mouse itself, not by the graphic on the screen. I can move even the tiny Track View faders with just as much accuracy as any 100mm fader (and with even more precision while holding shift). I'd rather not see faders taking up more precious screen space if there is no real-world benefit. That said... I'd be all for the fader throw being adjustable. Could you describe what Sequoia does differently in regards to sidechains?
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