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  1. You lost me on the "ambient drone stuff" wtf would that be!? hahaha
  2. Nowadays, mostly for Gaming. I've been struggling with a creative block from some years now. So, whenever I do use it as a DAW is to revisit old tracks (own or friend's trakcs). Yeah, I know, kinda sad.
  3. Like I said above, Melodyne really nailed it. I'm still learning on m/s, but is true, you see lots of more m/s options nowadays. And, absolutley, from UAD to Slate, from Ik to Waves, their newer analog modellings all had high praise from people that actually used their analog counterparts.
  4. Could you name a few ones so I can check them out? (I'm always eager for new guitar gimmicks!)
  5. Melodyne's the guy! hahaha I was never quite comfortable with autotune or v-vocals, I thing gui wise and sound wise, Melodyne really nailed it
  6. So true. Some years ago looked like only Keys/Keyboards guys had the chance to all of midi had to offer. Great for you! Either way, I was so tired of click programming (with an absolute obsession on 'realism') my drums that I bought an E-Drum, and actually learned to play drums, really fun (and time saving)
  7. Definitley trying that out! Thanks so much. (But, maybe, some option per-track would be coo!) hahaha
  8. Mostly modern rock, prog rock, and metal. Every now and then some pop and pop/rock, but, old school (like, with drums and instruments, not pure synths and beats) I feel we're so relegated by mainstream nowadays... How cool was to turn on the radio and have Stone Temple Pilots, or Metallica, airing with...I don't know, Seal, or Natalie Imbruglia, or Jamiroquai...(just to name a few from the broad spectre of genres airing) jeez... I feel old
  9. Yes! A very handy and time saving feature, use it all the time. Guess only chance I have is to try out msmcleod method. (Eitherway, I've always felt that the transition from 8.5 to Xnn was basically going to a new DAW. I know, it's been like what? 10 years now? That dust should've off settled by now, but it's a big move I still dont have time for all the learning curve and hassles, even though I've being trying them out every now and then with every version´s trials)
  10. Is really that good? How do you think is a breakthrough product comparing it to other suits like IK´s T-Racks o Waves Bundles?
  11. I'm no synth man, but, I've recently tried Syntorial, and was very surprised by it. Maybe, with a more solid tought on synths I could give it a try
  12. But, wouldn't we be losing all takes but last?
  13. Hello everybody! I've started a topic on the state of Take Lanes, but, maybe this one Isn't that difficult to incorporate. An option to use Track Layers instead of Take Lanes. A button (or something on the track) and voilá! Track Layers back to all of us who never were able to accomodate to Take Lanes! (Jeez, I wish for this so fondly! hahaha )
  14. And the simplicity to just sort them out with a click! Simple, easy, quick! I swear I demoed every other version of Sonar available and I've never, ever could stand Lanes, or make them work for me
  15. Craig! a pleassure to see you in here! Actually, I've read that particular article back in the day (and many many other of yours! ). But, I still have lots and lots of issues whenever I try to get back to them trying to accomodate myself to Take Lanes. Maybe I'm just obfuscated, and that´s it. But jeez, I still feel Layers were just way more simple and straightforward
  16. Hello everyone! It's great to have the new forum! So, to you guys always following new toys, news, trying plugins, effects, hardware (you get the idea, ha!), what do you think are the most remarkable advancements in Audio from the last 4 or 5 years? Simple as that! Effects, Improvements, Plugins, DAWs, anything! I'm going to throw one. Virtual cabs and guitars amps in general, they improved so so much tone and gain wise (Heck, the IK Mesa´s are the real deal for me) So, that's it! I´ll hear ya' all!
  17. Hi everyone! Back to business in the new forum! So, if many of you, like me, followed the continuos releases of Sonar through the years, I bet y'all remember how divisive Take Lanes were, and, mostly, how buggy they were. I've tried, really tried, but Track Layers were so essential to my workflow that I'm still on 8.5. So, beign 2018, post SPlat era, what is the state of TL? Is there any other new retro-feature that resembles Track Layers? How did you overcome them?
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