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  1. Indeed, software learning from videos can be tiresome and, sometimes, even counterintuitive; the lack of a proper index es one key problem too - maybe, small videos for VFX and CG3D they works best -. Recording and Mixing, instruments and music learning, broad ear training, on the other hand, videos or writen material with audio is infinitley better imo
  2. C'mon dude, I said broad strokes, even Spotify/Apple have some kind of compression or distortion, and they're the most consumed music distribution methods. Back in the day, like, from 2000 to late 2010's, actual audio in an audio tutorials were something quite rare to find. Separating DAW/Software tutorials (which, I do prefer them writen) from Mixing and training, to be honest, in which world I'm living where people prefer audio tutorials to be writen and with no actual audio in them!?
  3. A YT video showing me broad strokes is still 1000 times better than a "the crack of the snare is around 3k, search for it.... use the force" phrase. C'mon guys. Audio tutorials were for years full of secrecy surrounding actual audio. Thankfully that's changing thanks to streaming. And, I know, it can be heavily compressed or somewhat distorted in YT videos, but it's still years light from a "chek the 'muddy bits' at 400hz of X instrument'. Then, of course, like written material, there can be a broad range from good material or tutorials, to really missleading and uninformed information. But, besides all of this and what you say. Isn't it quite weird to be talking about audio tutorials and, for years, never had actual audio? How, in the good God's name, I'm supposed to know and differenciate what 'air', 'brown', 'omph', 'crack', 'sizzle', tracks interactions, phase,(and a large etc etc etc) is if I don't actually hear it. Or how you train your ears if the material given to you is just writen. I could keep going with examples and items, but, I bet you get the Idea. Maybe, for a full DAW learning, videos can be exhausting, but I'm talking mainly mixing and ear training for mixing.
  4. You know, I really wanted to discuss this in it's own topic, but, if we look back, and compare the Audio tutorial scene to others (like image editing, video editing, 3d, vfx...) the audio comunity, rareley had actual recorded audio turorials (be in audio format or video format). In it's vast majority they were written articles for years (How I'm I supposed to know how N thing sounds from reading an article!?). In the explosion of youtube and streaming, this trend remained for years up until recent channels and brands started doing tutors for their own products. If you do short videos, easily identifiable on it's topic (for search and index reasons), I'd say a video is infinitley better than any written article.
  5. I've recently discovered the Rick Beato YT channel. Lot's of great stuff in there.
  6. I've read the news, and, to be honest, I use midi only for hooking up an old Casio keyboard which is from where I record my keys, and sample em' up them varying on my needs; but, how's this going to affect or improve in our every day tasks?
  7. I feel your pain. My older brain's the reason I'm not even going past 8.5 hahaha
  8. Learning a DAW can be really overwhelming, even upon reading tfm can leave you with questions. CBL going free is going to attract a lot of anxious newcomers (I bet most of them will be willing to spend time while being respectfull, but some, not...) trying to do it all, and quick. I think that we have to be patient and remember that we've all been there once
  9. It's awesome how the term 'folk' varies from place to place. My folklore music is nothing like the european celtic, scotish or nordic folk
  10. I wish I'd have the talent Tony Banks has, but no, not remotely close. I have to deal with what I can do. (That's where the DAW comes in handy, and can make a great idea from a below average-musician sound good, and it's great)
  11. I have this issue with DT (like with other virtuosos bands), they have this inmensley huge talent, but their songs lack some heart (and hooks too). But, yeah, they're great nonetheless
  12. You know, the (non) jump from 8.5 to X was something kind of epiphanic to me. The learning curve was high, and time consuming, so, I asked myself "Do I really need to jump to the latest? Why?" and found that sonar 8.5 did everything I needed, and it still does it. Newer plugins still work (save for VST3), and Windows still supports it. So, I guess that I'll make the jump whenever one of these things happes: Windows breaks 8.5 compatibility somehow, or, newer versions of my everyday plugins lose compatibility with Sonar 8.5. Going always for the latest can be really distracting and time consuming. I prefer to spend that (sadly little) time actually making music
  13. Vocaloid! Jeez! I remember seeing videos of it! I thoguht it was painfully difficult at the time (never got back to it)
  14. I remember, back when I was a kid, mainstream 'hits heavy' radio stations in my country (even MTVLA) had so much genres diversity in it's top 40. You know, you had GnRs sharin spots with New Kids on the Block; Aerosmith or Seal; Lenny Kravitz and Ace of Base... (you get the idea) And I could add a TON of great Rock-Pop Latin American bands in to that mix, wich makes it even bigger, better, and diverse. Nowadays, mainstream here feels like a one-24hrs-samey reggaeton song...
  15. Hi everyone! A topic I always wanted to ask musicians/producers. I usually listen to prog rock, hard-rock, alt-rock, heavy (something that can range from good ol', Gabriel days Genesis, to Alter Bridge or Stone Sour), and then, even with the most distorted guitar, I end up with a Train like Rock/Pop song (a very distorted and dense rock/pop track), maybe, a Stone Temple Pilots esque type song at most. So, do you end up composing in the veins and style of genres you listen to? Or when you take your instrument, it goes unintentionally to other places?
  16. I'm actually surprised seeing that there's so many of us that, after all this time, still miss Layers. I feel kinda' reliefed by it.
  17. Sure! Lets take a guitar take as an example. Say I want to do some stretchs, or clip crossfades between chords to fix minor tempo or sustain issues. I usually start splitting those parts, maybe silghtly moving the clips and then doing the stretch and fades to avoid clicks and constantly Sorting Layers for the sake of visibility and space. I usually end up with 3 of 4 layers of clips, that at the end can fit in just two simple layers that I arragle again with the "Sort Layers" option (this is VERY important for me, I always end up with a two layer track, that ended up likes this after the automatic sorting). All in one simple view, really quick. Every time I tried Take Lanes, even watching videos of how to comp and the new tools, I never were able to replicate this workflow. Maybe, even reading topics and watching videos, I'm still missing something...
  18. (Off topic) Noel, this is the first time I do actually have a chance to directly interact with you, so basically, thanks for giving me (us) Sonar! (On topic again) I'll never argue with you about tech, I'll just say that, for me, Take Lanes never worked, and I've tried several times trhougout the versions. I really still miss layers after all this time. But, maybe, like you said, if you're working on them, I could make the jump soon
  19. I'm the OP of that thread, and my personal pick was the evolution of amp-sims. They've got really really good these last 2 or 3 years
  20. God knows I love prog rock, but jeez, what a time-and-brains consuming it can get!
  21. I think that I'have to make myself some time and room for this new version (again) but with a more open mind
  22. I think I only scratch the surface on usually on Melodyne (mostly vocal, maybe bass lines or minimal corrections over guitar solos). I think I have to push it a litle further and see the results
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