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  1. Oops, my bad! It was groove-clip enabled (jeez, I was going nuts!) hahaha
  2. I was saying +1 on a request for such a feature! sorry if a wasn't clear
  3. Hi Folks! Simple question I couldn't find on the web help, how do I click/drag-stretch an audio clip from a take? In Sonar 8.5 you could alt+grag a clip (if I recall correctly) and in Sonar X/Plat was with Crtl+Shift+Drag. I can't find how to do it in CBL!
  4. Wow! Some serious guitar work in there, cool song also! (I didn't knew it)
  5. Danm, really cool tune, I think that if you add some power guitars in there comes really in it's ballpark
  6. At least, to my taste's a great tune, very "re-listenable" :P
  7. C'mon! Really? No one else!? You're all missign a great tune and a cool reference songs kinda' game!
  8. Search, deep inside of you mi child (?) hahaha
  9. Some good songs, on the glam side, but I think the guitars can trick us into that, to me, the arrangement and overall feel, it`s more on the fusion, jazz/rock side. I can think of something like Steely Dan's Aja... maybe?....
  10. Let me tell you a brief story as prologue! Back in 99´ I was playing "Macross: Digital Mission VFX-2" for PS1 (a glorified Afterburner/Ace Combat like set in the world of Macross - the first Generation of Robotech for those who´re not familiar with Macross- ), and, I used to have this habbit of throwing PC Games CDs and PSX CDs on my CD player, cos' some of them, actually had songs! (that was a huge discovery for me back in 95' with the Mechwarrios 2 CD!). So, I stepped across one of the most beatifull songs I've ever heard to this day! It took me years to actually find out some info on it (heck! even the actual name of it! cause the game was in Japannese and had no info of the OST). I'd finally found out it's called Shoout and Shout, singed by a Japanesse/American Soul and R&B singer, Naoki Takao (he also sang a cover of "Carry on Wayward Son" from Kansas for the "Supernatural" Anime spinoff), and features a renowed Japannese drumer, Akira Jimbo. That´s all the info I have to this day. So, moving on from this prologue, the song´s, to me, a beatifully composed, piano/guitar driven, fusion/rock, prog rock like song, but, I´ve never came across something similar. I ask all of you willing to take the time listen to it, if you can suggest me similar bands or songs that you can relate to it (heck, even if you don´t want to spend the 5 minutes it lasts, check just the intro, first verse and chorus -up to 1.53"- and the break from 3.00" to 3.35"), to have and idea of what we´re talking about here! To all of you, from Macross VFX2, Shoot and Shout!
  11. Is this a same guy from the Slipperman Chronicles? (damn, that was a fuun read back in the day)
  12. Congratulations you Sir. Now to celebrate!
  13. Thank you all for your input. Very usefull info. Ironic that, a couple of threads near, there's one of us that got it's Intel SSD suddenly dead. But, i guess that there's always some percentage of RMAs an fails around in hardware
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