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  1. Logan_4600


    Is this a same guy from the Slipperman Chronicles? (damn, that was a fuun read back in the day)
  2. Logan_4600

    Another album sold!

    Congratulations you Sir. Now to celebrate!
  3. Thank you all for your input. Very usefull info. Ironic that, a couple of threads near, there's one of us that got it's Intel SSD suddenly dead. But, i guess that there's always some percentage of RMAs an fails around in hardware
  4. Logan_4600

    1st SSD failure

    Funny enoguh, I was asking about this a couple of days ago...
  5. 7 years feels like a fair enoguh amount time for a drive to start showing it's age. Jeez, even a standar HD would start showing it's age by this amount of time
  6. Backups are usally overlooked by the regular user. It's such an importan thing to do! Back on topic. Which SSDs do you have? And how old are they now? Any signs of degradation?
  7. I remeber tons of articles from a couple of years ago from several renowed Tech Sites on the topic of SSDs bland endurace, short lifespan and high fail rate. Having a 5 years old PC, a not having lots of money to spend, I can clearly see that my weakest components right now are my old HHDDs. So, how are SSDs doing right now? From those early adopters, going back to 2012/15ish, are your drives alive? Do they retain its performance? And the new adopters of newest technologies? Are you happy with your SSDs? Do you trust them enough?
  8. Logan_4600

    Is Sonar abandonware now?

    Let's just, silently, abandon the thread XD
  9. Logan_4600

    Is Sonar abandonware now?

    You all made me really laugh into waht the thread deviate into I feel the ot is... somewhat... abandoned?
  10. Logan_4600

    Is Sonar abandonware now?

    I really thought that software fell to abandonware by not being selled anymore, nor patched or supported in any form
  11. As the title says, this no rethoric or second thoughts question. Since older Sonar versions can't be bought, and I really don't think we'll ever see any other hotfix for anything other than CbBL; do older Sonar versions fall in abandonware category?
  12. Logan_4600

    Do You Use Drum Maps?

    Well, the great thing about maps is that you can have custom templates for inputs and outputs from different source or form feeds to specific outputs. In my case, I use mostly BFD for drums. BFD1 has different layouts and fewer drum pieces than BFD2. Not only that, through the years I've tried many input methods, for example, drums fron scratch through mouse&keyboard with arbitrary keys for i/o, then some were GM drums, and then V-Drums. All of them had different inputs and outpus, which, through maps I could easily switch and even have campatibily between all of them. I find them as a key feature really. Also, having the names of the piece kits, and arrange them in any form is really handy. Great feature
  13. Logan_4600

    Cakewalk By BandLab Video Tutorials

    (Sorry, I've meant to late 2000s, before de YT explosion) Before YT and streaming you rarely had any actual audio in audio articles, sites like SOS, TweakHeadz, Mix Magazine, etc, very sparingly had audio examples. But I have this feeling that the pro audio community well past the first half of the decade past the millennium still had a secrecy aura around them that, slowly, some sites, magazines, forums, and, lastly, streaming, knocked down (thankfully) And, I've also stated like you, that software learning from writen material can be easier thanks to indexes or precise things to look for. Is the audio learning part that I think gets much easier throughout videos or actual audio. Of course, the more material we have, in any form, the better for everyone
  14. Logan_4600

    Cakewalk By BandLab Video Tutorials

    Indeed, software learning from videos can be tiresome and, sometimes, even counterintuitive; the lack of a proper index es one key problem too - maybe, small videos for VFX and CG3D they works best -. Recording and Mixing, instruments and music learning, broad ear training, on the other hand, videos or writen material with audio is infinitley better imo
  15. Logan_4600

    Cakewalk By BandLab Video Tutorials

    C'mon dude, I said broad strokes, even Spotify/Apple have some kind of compression or distortion, and they're the most consumed music distribution methods. Back in the day, like, from 2000 to late 2010's, actual audio in an audio tutorials were something quite rare to find. Separating DAW/Software tutorials (which, I do prefer them writen) from Mixing and training, to be honest, in which world I'm living where people prefer audio tutorials to be writen and with no actual audio in them!?