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  1. I got it allready. As i said, it was not about the Buffer. Its a well known Virus Error. But not so important. But anytime i solve a Problem 2 new will appear.
  2. Hello Scook. Its me again with a new Matter. Finally i made it all run. But if i open the Virus Ti controll center it hang up. i can make a screen and restart computer. But cakewalk hang up. I cant restart or end it. It loads endless, and freeze. I must make restart than. You cant see in the Picture but the Mouse shows this blue Loading circle. I allready changed the Buffer sIZE; BUT IF I START CAKEWALK NEW ITS changed again. So anyway, it is not a real matter and in my old sonar it worked too with different buffer size.
  3. If i add this VST new the Drummachine it starts again. I dont even understand whats the matter. I even start trying a new Project with ne VST path and same errors.
  4. I just set back all VST Plugins. Now the errors are gone.
  5. I allready have a new Problem now lol. Now after virus run my Drum VSt dont work anymore lol. But i think i get it run. If i start like 30 of this Errors appear.
  6. YOU ARE MY REAL LIFE HERO! THANK YOUUUU SIR! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You really are an truly Expert! I installed new and indeed there was an Folder in Programms. I even did not knowed that! If i ever have an Question im looking for you!
  7. I tryed to install Virus ti driver new now. but Cakewalk is not listed...
  8. Can you tell me where 64 bit Patches usually are than? I will search there.
  9. So this means? as i said i installed the 64 Bit. What i can i do now?
  10. Usually i have more Plugins, but i made a Project just to test with the Virus.
  11. Im from Germany and i have no Idead what you mean now lol You want to see my Plugin List?
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