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  1. That sounds like I can't be sure what I've got. I guess if there was a way to tell for sure someone would have mentioned it by now? Behringer lists multiple 2x2 interfaces that they specify are ASIO4ALL but mines not one of them. I got steered towards what looked like the same driver their more expensive equipment uses, but I can't tell for sure. So my only real option is to replace my interface. How do I know for sure the next one is ASIO and not some re-wrapped thing?
  2. Ok, so if I'm getting sound at all through Cakewalk it's ASIO sound. This means the interface is ASIO and there's no conflict with ASIO4ALL.
  3. @scook, the only entry at that key says UMC ASIO DRIVER. Does that mean I'm exclusively ASIO?
  4. I only used Measure 1/Measure 2 to indicate that if I begin playback before the start of the clip there is no popping. Sorry for the confusion. I don't start projects on Measure 1, like everyone says the synths need time to initialize. The popping occurs at any location in the project if I begin playback at the start of the MIDI clip. This whole thing seems tied to the start of the clip (and only on the first beat of the clip), whatever that might indicate. @Promidi, thanks for your posts, I will go through that info and try to see what's what. I have the Behringer UMC202HD audio interface and I am using the Behringer ASIO drivers from their website, fully up to date. Everything else has been disabled/deleted, including ASIO4ALL. After all that, if someone tells me that the driver is still ASIO4ALL hidden in there I will laugh hard and yes, get another interface, so a definitive answer on that particular question would be nice. As near as I can tell it's ASIO. I explicitly deleted ASIO4ALL from my system based on other advice I've seen around the forum. But if I'm mistaken then, yes, I need to know that.
  5. None of those fixes has done anything to change this problem. Does anyone else have a guess? It's hard to imagine this doesn't happen to other people too, but like I said, I've found nothing online about it.
  6. Forgot to mention, I have GeForce GTX 1080 graphic card and I've tried to disable everything except the ASIO but I will check, thanks.
  7. Thanks for the BIOS stuff, I will take a look at them and see how they are set. This has been happening with Virtual Drummer PHAT, I don't know if that is CPU-intensive. It's also happened with Addictive Drums 2, and others. Since it only happens at the beginning of the clip and only on the first beat it seems like something is out-of-sync and then gets in sync, or something. I'm no audio expert, just an enthusiast.
  8. I have Win10 i7 with 32GB of RAM. The popping occurs at the beginning of the MIDI clip regardless of where it is in the project, so I get it a lot when I am editing. Whenever I start playback at the beginning of the clip it pops, and it sounds like the same pop/crackle I get if the ASIO samples are too low. But it only happens on the first beat. Weird, eh? I can't find any mention of this problem anywhere else online either.
  9. Hi folks, first-time poster here. I'm having a problem with MIDI clip playback. I've tried searching the forum for this, and while there is a lot of info on pop/crackle, I wasn't able to find an answer to this one. The setup is very simple: Empty project with a single-measure 4-beat MIDI clip linked to a 3rd-party VST drumkit. If I put the playhead at the beginning of the clip and play it I get pop/crackle, but only on the first beat. If I start playback in the middle of the clip there is no pop/crackle. If I put the clip on Measure 2 and start playback from Measure 1 there is no pop/crackle. So, this seems to happen only at the beginning of the MIDI clip. This happens with multiple third-party VSTs but I have not been able to duplicate it with the instruments that come with Cakewalk. I should also mention that this happens intermittently, but once it begins to happen I can't get rid of it without exiting Cakewalk and re-starting. If I save the project once the problem begins, the pop/crackle will be present when I reload the project, even after restarting Cakewalk. When I try the same thing in my other DAW (Reaper) I don't get any pop/crackle. I much prefer using Cakewalk over Reaper, but I really need to nail down this weird problem. I've tried checking things like making sure my Windows10 is set the same as the project (both 48K). I'm using a vanilla Behringer 2x2 audio interface with their ASIO driver. The samples in the ASIO panel are set to 1024 while I'm doing this. Not sure what other specs to list, will give if needed. Thanks for reading, and thanks for any assistance.
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