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  1. Any success with the lighted buttons lighting up?
  2. Hello. Can anyone explain why volumes levels I have perfectly set plummet as soon as I hit record? Using a Focusrite 8i8 to record only 4 tracks of audio from a Tascam Portastudio. Any solutions are greatly appreciated.
  3. Warned very little support by Bandlab. No worries. Recording tomorrow with Reaper.
  4. You will nothing but suffer with ASIO4ALL. Follow Promidi's advice. Purchase audio interface device.
  5. Hello. Does anyone know why my audio levels drop significantly as soon as I start recording? Only recording 4 tracks of audio from a Tascam Portastudio. Get the levels perfectly set, press record, and all 4 tracks drop to -24 db or lower. Sometimes, without changing anything at all, after maybe 19 attempts, the volume level will suddenly play and record at the correct level. I can't be the only one having this issue. Greatly appreciate any solutions.
  6. Did not move anything. Just uninstalled and reinstalled Korg USB Midi software. Same blank selection.
  7. Hello. Cannot get my Korg NanoKONTROL to work. When I click the Controller/Surface drop down arrow, nothing is there to be selected: Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
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