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  1. Hey all, I'm very new to cakewalk so bear with me on this one. So the issue I'm having is as follows... Where the playhead is, is playing sound from the purple string section track. Now as far as I know this should not be the case as there's no midi data there. I think this might be tied to an issue I was having with volume automation as well. In the automation lanes, there is this 'VolumDftlC...' lane. I did not add this lane. It added itself when I moved the highlighted midi info around the track. I think this is causing the sound to play as I had an issue with a volume envelope not being deleted and it happened after these lanes opened up by themselves. I semi-solved that one by right clicking the inspector bus thing and unticking the 'Read automation lanes' option and then clicking the white Rs but I've no idea why this helped. My question is why is the sound playing at the playhead if there is no data? How do I stop this? When I delete the highlighted midi data the sound disappears. And a follow up is what the heck is this 'VolumDftlC...' lane and how do I stop it from appearing and ruining so many things? Any insight would be great. Many thanks.
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