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  1. Hey Lynn! So you got a new toy! Track sounds pretty good, but I would consider dropping the ovox except in places where you want to emphasize a phrase. Like any effect, it can become tiresome after a bit, and you have a darn good voice, so why brutalize it? Love ya man! Glad to see you posting! Dan
  2. dcumpian


    Not aggressive enough. Needs more bite on the synths and the bass and kick need to hit harder. Dan
  3. Sounds like you're trying to do a "bluesier" remake. Is so, here are my thoughts: Guitar sounds thin. I would certainly beef it up and double track it, one track to each side. Organ isn't dirty enough Bass needs more definition. it's way too mush sounding and doesn't carry the beat well enough. Bring the kick up and make it bigger. I honestly don't think the vocals are bad, just needs more support from the "band". Dan
  4. Are you using a real guitar? If so, try recording it twice and pitch shifting one of the tracks. Then run both tracks through a decent amp sim. Dan
  5. https://www.orangetreesamples.com/products/evolution-electric-guitar-rick-12 Dan
  6. Very nice! You both did a great job putting this together. My only nit, and it's certainly just my opinion, I would have liked more close miking on the drums so they could be more spread out and punchy. Dan
  7. dcumpian

    eye contact

    Cool tune! Excellent playing, and the mix holds together really well! Dan
  8. Generally speaking, if Fast Bounce is going to have a problem, it's going to be with a plugin that doesn't support it. Most do. You'll know when it happens because there is usually really weird stuff that happens, especially if you are still using active VSTi's when you mixdown. Here is my understanding of your numbered points: 64bit precision is not necessary, but it shouldn't hurt anything either. There is no audible difference that I've ever found. MMCSS gives Sonar higher CPU priority. Should have minimal effect during mixdowns, but is useful while tracking. Yes, set it to whatever gives you the best results. Every system is different. Yes I don't use dithering until I am rendering the final mixdown to 16/44.1, and I usually do it in the last plugin in the signal chain rather than at the app level. You only use dithering when down-converting, like if you record at 24/48 and want a CD mixdown, which is 16/44.1 Not that I am aware of. Regards, Dan
  9. Excellent piece! You did a great job of keeping the theme going and keeping it interesting at the same time. The mix on this is quite good as well. Dan
  10. dcumpian

    So Cold ..

    Awesome track Mark! You've got this down for sure. Dan
  11. Your voice and that opening grabbed me and reminded me very much of Nik Kershaw. Really well done tune and the lyrics are fine. Sometimes wives just don't need to know just how dark we really are, lol. These lyrics would have been fine 40 years ago. Agree completely with others that the mix is light on the bass, but otherwise this is a stellar mix. Dan
  12. dcumpian

    3 am

    Very nice! Funny, I was just catching up on a show called "Motive" that this would work well in, lol. Seems Gary and I think similarly. Dan
  13. Nice chops! Three suggestions: The opening strumming would be better, IMO, as an picked arpeggiated pattern The first guitar solo sounds just a tad fizzy. You might want to EQ that a little. The mix needs more bottom!! These are just my suggestions. Love the track overall! Dan
  14. dcumpian

    High Road

    Thanks John! Dan
  15. dcumpian


    Very nice piece Wookie! If it were me, I'd add some type of quick arpeggiated bursts, like "clouds" (wish I had a better description) at the end of a few of the melody phrases during the first 2/3. Glad to see you back on the keys. Dan
  16. Real nice! If anything, I'd want *more* punch on the drums. Dan
  17. dcumpian

    BJZ presents Nattmara

    Very nice Ed! Drums rock! Like someone posted earlier, this is very theatrical. Two thumbs up! (no offense to anyone with only one, or three) Dan
  18. Well played and really good arrangement! Love the mix (and I hear some "Peg" influences as well). Very professional work! Dan
  19. Great job on this mix! How much of the instrumentation is VI? Your piano and guitar work is really good, and I like the drums/percussion as well. Dan
  20. dcumpian

    High Road

    Thank you very much! I appreciate your comments! Dan
  21. dcumpian

    The Restitution

    EQ on the mix seems to be a bit mid heavy. I'd flatten it out more to open it up. The track itself is very nicely done. A bit sad and melancholy, but also pretty and delicate. Good job on this! Dan
  22. dcumpian


    My suggestion would be to EQ some of the "bite" off the hi hat. The level itself is fine as is. Really nice track and you've got a great voice! Dan
  23. Also, if you are using a USB audio interface, try moving the mouse to a USB port on a different bus. Dan
  24. Having never listened to the original, I can only comment on this version. I think you guys did a really good job pulling this together, with the odd rhythms and multiple instruments, I'm sure it was a huge endeavor. To my ears, the opening guitar seemed to be slightly out of tune, not horribly so though. The mix is good, nice and open. I might have compressed things more here and there to bring things in more, but that's me, and again, I haven't heard the original mix. Dan
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