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  1. Sound good! What are you using for the IR's? Dan
  2. Absolutely. I generally don't track with plugins so totally forgot this could also be a possibility. Dan
  3. There are two forms of latency that could be affecting you, one you can't do much about, the second, you can, but it has a price. Midi latency is the time it takes for the midi signal to go from your keyboard, though the midi interface and then be recognized by your DAW. Audio latency is the time that it takes for the DAW to trigger the sound you want from the midi signal that was received, and then actually hear it. Midi latency can only be changed by using better midi interfaces. They are not all created equal and, in many cases, a stand-alone midi interface will have better response times than one built-in to an audio interface. However, this latency is generally pretty small and may not be worth the cost of additional hardware. It reallydepends on whether the built-in midi interface works well enough to put your midi notes where you play them on the piano roll. Audio latency you can do a lot about: Try lowering your audio buffers. If the audio starts to break up or you get dropouts, you've lowered them too far or your PC needs more optimizations. Record @ 24/96. This will greatly reduce latency, but the cost will be much larger audio files when recording. If storage space is not an issue, and your disk(s) are fast enough to support it, try this. Dan
  4. You can install each library wherever you want. Some sample libraries need faster disk than others, so those should go on an SSD, but not everything has to. Dan
  5. Kontakt is a sampler. As such it can play sample libraries that are Kontakt-compatible. It is the most common library format out there, at the moment. When you purchase Komplete, you get several Kontakt libraries in the package. However, the big benefit is, once you have Kontakt, you can buy Kontakt libraries from many other vendors. Dan
  6. Chris Hein's instruments are very well done. Lots of articulations to let you put together a pretty real sounding track. This compact version is missing a bunch of those articulations, so it's a whole lot less flexible than the complete instrument set. Session Horns Pro is easier to use, but it limits what you can do by that very simplicity. Dan
  7. Totally get that. I just think it is good practice to run all signal to a single bus before you hit the hardware outputs. If done correctly, there should be no difference between the hardware output and the final summing bus, whatever you call it. Dan
  8. It's good that you checked all of that, but there really should not be any difference between the Master bus output and the hardware outputs. With experience, you'll come to see that this is one area where Cakewalk does really well. Dan
  9. My guess is that you have some tracks not getting routed to the master bus, which is why when you export the master it sounds different. It really is fairly straightforward. Regards, Dan
  10. Glyn, If you just need a player, there are several. The difficulty comes if you are trying to replicate iTunes Smart Playlist functionality. As far as I am aware, there are no Android players that do this, though you can fake it if you manually copy songs in a smart playlist from iTunes onto the phone. Unfortunately, you won't be able to sync back play counts and ratings which could break some of your smart playlist if that data is important. Musicbee supports smart playlists and I believe they have a utility to allows for syncing data back to the music library from an Android device. Foobar2000 also supports Smart Playlists, but as far as I know only syncs one-way. Good luck on your search! Dan
  11. I've heard mixed reviews on the NI interfaces. Mostly, like with any interface, if it works well with your machine, you'll be happy. If you use your DAW regularly and want an interface that always works, think about a Babyface Pro. I have one and it is absolutely rock-solid. Dan
  12. My guess may be that the knob in question responds to the mod wheel. Try moving the mod wheel while recording. Dan
  13. Where is the mic when you are recording? If it is real close, try moving it back. Some of the sound you don't like may be from close miking. If that doesn't help, try other mic positions, like Tezza suggests, but also try singing without focusing on the mic itself. Dan
  14. dcumpian

    Bouncing Synths

    The answer is...maybe. Using multiple instruments per VTSi instance should reduce the overhead required by each separate instance. However, depending on how efficiently the VSTi is coded, that may not be a significant savings. I do use multiple instruments per instance and I wait to add envelopes until after I bounce each track to a separate audio track. I normally make a new copy of the project before I start bouncing to audio so I can safely remove the VSTi's as I go in the new copy. It makes mixing later on simpler. Dan
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