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  1. So, they are finally adding back what they took out when they released the MKII keyboards. I'm glad I never upgraded. My MKI transport controls work just fine in both Cakewalk and Studio One. Dan
  2. dcumpian

    Channel confusion and EastWest Play

    When bouncing, solo the midi track you want to bounce, then bounce to a new track. After it is bounced, archive the midi track and move on to the next one. Dan
  3. dcumpian

    Channel confusion and EastWest Play

    EastWest Play supports up to 16 midi channels, much like the hardware synths of old. Each midi channel can have one patch, and each patch can be a unique instrument or you can assign different articulations of an instrument to different midi channels. However, by default, all output will go to a single audio track. Depending on how you mix, this may not be a problem for you. For example, I normally bounce individual midi tracks one at a time to separate audio tracks and then mix those. This allows me complete control over each instrument and/or articulation during the mix process. I believe you can route each midi track to a separate audio output if you want to mix with the live VSTi in place. As for how many instances to load, that is completely up to you and may depend on your machine's capabilities. Sonar/Cakewalk generally assigns every VSTi to a single core. Depending on the instruments loaded in an instance, you may only be able to load 8-10 before you have latency artifacts when all of the instruments loaded play at the same time. Dan
  4. dcumpian

    Drums midi mapping, is there an easy way?

    Either load a different map in BFD, or use a drum map in Cakewalk. It may be as simple as that. Dan
  5. dcumpian

    DAW automation with Native Instruments NKS keyboards.

    The only thing not supported currently if automatic synchronization when switching tracks. My understanding is that is a proprietary protocol that NI has to add to support Cakewalk, not the other way around. Everything else is pretty much Mackie. Dan
  6. dcumpian

    ICON QCON G2 problems with the led meter in Sonar

    Since it appears to use Mackie Control protocol, you may want to take a look at AzSlow's AzCtrl plugin. Cakewalk's Mackie interface is incomplete. Dan
  7. dcumpian

    EastWest Play 6 now free!

    I still use EWQLSO as well as HW strings, because they complement each other quite well. In many ways, even though HW Strings was touted as "next gen", it really fits as more of a part 2 of SO, because the articulations are so different. Both the brass in SO and HW Brass are really well done also. However, like you say, I have Ra, Stormdrum, and a few others I can't even remember. I never use them anymore unless I absolutely can't find what I'm looking for in a Kontakt library. Dan
  8. dcumpian

    EastWest Play 6 now free!

    I'll agree that Play isn't that great, but you can get really good results out of the Play libraries once you learn your way around their weird interface. Dan
  9. dcumpian

    EastWest Play 6 now free!

    I think they finally realized that supporting multiple versions of their engine is becoming cost prohibitive...and yay! Dan
  10. I've used Cakewalk since it was called Twelve Tone Systems. After trying Studio One post-Gibson collapse, I find it hard to justify going back. Sure, there are things I miss, but stability is important. I didn't have a lot of crashes with Platinum, but that was mostly because I had learned over the years what not to do. I treated my DAW like a live explosive, and this relationship worked well for years. A lot of the issues that Cakewalk still has really boil down to the way the audio engine interfaces with Windows devices. It is very picky about how a device presents itself, and sometimes counter-intuitive settings will make it work great, until you get the white screen of death and lose something you were working on. CTRL-S is your best friend. Dan
  11. dcumpian

    Exporting to MP3 (and problems with old cwp projects)

    Edit -> Select -> Select None, then export "What You Hear".
  12. dcumpian

    cakewalk and eastwest play problem

    Check your system for older version of the Play .dll file. I've had it happen that there are older versions causing problems. Dan
  13. For every plugin where the PC version uses less resources in comparison, there are others that will use less than the PC versions. None of the PC modules are real resource hogs, but if you find that you run into issues, there are simpler EQ's and compressors out there. Once you start down that road though, the PC holds a lot less appeal since you will have plugins scattered all over your tracks. Dan
  14. There is also a ton of 3rd party preset libraries as well as new sound sources for Omnisphere. You'll never run out of sounds to choose from. Dan
  15. dcumpian

    Quantise doesn't seem to work for me

    Could be that, could also be stretching artifacts. There are various rendering settings that can improve the quality of the sound. Also, it isn't always necessary to stretch the audio to fit when you use Audiosnap. If you don't stretch the audio, there are no artifacts at all. Learning how best to use Audiosnap will take you some time as well as trial and error. Dan