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  1. using sonar platinum 23,7,0 build 27 on windows 10 with 2004 update. audio device is an m-audio m-track mkII usb I have a cwp file that used to work fine but now when I press play I get a message: 'unable to open audio playback device. device may not support the current projects audio format or may be in use'. I've been through the settings and through the settings over and over I've been to www.cakewealk.com/support/hardwaresetup and been through that. I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting the m-audio device. I've checked the tracks's output. everything looks as it should but this message just keeps coming up and I can't do anything. I've got the only driver available from m-audio. hope someone can help here this is driving me absolutely batty and I don't understand whats going on.
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