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  1. What you are showing in the above screenshot, is using instrument maps on physical MIDI out ports. In your case, a "USB MIDI Interface". As far as I know, these still work. What my post / feature request is speaking about, is that we can not do the same for our virtual instruments, which are of course are becoming more more prevalent.
  2. A lot of the freeware instruments you can find in the thread, would probably not publish their bank & patch info back into Cakewalk, meaning that sounds are selected by unidentifiable numbers, and the "Patch Browser" feature with its search, also does not work. I have added a feature request to enable users to create their own patch map for a VSTi, which would be REALLY helpful with a lot of these VSTis. To keep it in the sights of the feature planners of Cakewalk, like and maybe post on the thread:
  3. Just updated the help file for Yamaha S-YXG50 Portable VSTi v1.0.0 The same link should work. Added a few more pages for: 1. Sound FX Patches. Bank 8192 2. Drum Kits. 11 kits, so you could have 16 parts of drums. Setting the right bank can make any MIDI channel a drum set. 3. Some reformatting of "Controllers" 4. Broke the read-me up into English and another for Russian. I'm done with this, this is the last update, the main missing stuff is Sysex (which CW does not support) and Key mappings for each drum sound within a drum set. and the link again: https://bit.ly/2CbQBT5 And dont forget to "unblock" the file as shown in the previous, now updated, post. EDIT: Well, ok, you got me. Just noticed the drum kits patch numbers were off by 1 (CW is 0 based, the source doco is 1 based) . Updated and file is now corrected.
  4. I just learnt I was wrong on part of the above statement. SFZ is Multi-timbral, but it appears that it can only load a single sound-font (or SFZ) file at a time. However, each of the 16 parts can select and play a different patch from the loaded sound-font.
  5. SFZ plays both Soundfonts and SFZ files. SFZ+ only plays Soundfonts. SFZ is a single instrument, while SFZ+ is multitimbral and can thus also load multiple soundfonts at once, but no SFZ files. You have tried changing the patch change method? I know BassMIDIVsti uses "Controller 0", while all other VSTis I have use "Normal"
  6. I tended to use the bank and patch change on individual tracks (instead of relying on the state of the VSTi/DXi), so if you bring in the SF loads into the same banks, then these do map/work well.
  7. Up vote it (as I think you may of) and possibly post a map here (for when the feature is enabled) to bump this thread and keep it in the eyes of the feature devs of Cakewalk. Well, actually I am talking explicitly about VSTi's which do not really have physical MIDI ports. I know for physical MIDI ports CW already has the feature. I am requesting it to be brought across over to VSTi's as well. EDIT: Maybe I misread what you were asking. I mean Bank and Patch numbers. Not midi ports.
  8. I have created a Patch map /help file for this VSTi that is accessible from Cakwalk / the VSTi itself. Simply place the file in the same path as the DLL, then from the Settings>Help it will display the file. It contains: 1. Patch map, including banks 2. MIDI Controller mappings. eg filter cutoff ==> midi controller. 3. The Read me file that comes with the VSTi. The file: https://bit.ly/2CbQBT5 EDIT: Dont forget to UNBLOCK the downloaded file. Go to the properties and click on the button, so it becom\es disabled.
  9. With so many VSTi's available that do not send the path names in a way that CW can read them (some work in SAVIHost, but not with CW), it would be VERY useful if users could map the patch names to banks and patch numbers, instead of selecting by archaic and meaningless numbers. Further, if this would be in a simple text file format or easily imported from such, users could make, upload and share these for the plethora of VSTi's out there.
  10. I have a number of ooooold projects that used LiveSynth as the soundfont player. I have now switched to BassMIDIVSTi as my SF player (64b, freeware). To convert my old projects, I open up the old CW file in Notepad++, and the soundfonts I used are there in clear text, between all the binary data. I copy/transfer them across to BassMIDIVSTi, and the old track plays pretty close to what it used to! NB: there is a small issue in the current version of BassMIDIVsti with sample rates/tuning and CW, but I have worked with the dev, and he has sorted that out, so the next release will fix that. Maybe he has already released it, I am using a version he sent me to test. If you wish to go from LiveSynth to another VSTi, then in my opinion, this one is more in line with it, and is not orphaned like SFZ+. PS: it also plays SFZ files
  11. ahhh..now it makes sense, the "ext" in the file name is for "external" not "extended" Sorry it did not come across correctly, but I was being sarcastic. As in the synth was a great thing (and hence I posted it), and its free, but here, being the ungrateful pig that I am, I was expecting more.
  12. I think you are confusing the two files. The yamaha_syxg50_vsti.7z is the 2MB file (actually closer to 3MB), and has no Voice Table files (*.tbl) contained in it. The yamaha_syxg50_vsti_ext.7z is the 4MB file. If I am reading the included doco correctly, the "ext" sounds are only supported by the S-YXG100 (via software implementations); not the S-YXG50 like in this case. But the other thing I garnered from your post, is that you have been using it for a while, but have kept it a secret from us.
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