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  1. I have a song, and a lot of the tracks are synths of the Sylenth1 Demo Version. Whenever I play my song, the audio of some of these tracks (and sometimes all of them) cuts out randomly without giving me a notification of the Audio Dropout (x) error. I froze some of the synths, and most of them were able to record the entire audio of the track without dropping out, but it didn't work for one synth (I fixed the problem by duplicating the track and piecing the audio together after freezing both of them). Normally, I wouldn't care about a problem like this, but the problem shows up in the exported audio, with some synths and sometimes the whole track being silenced at random intervals. I looked on the forums to fix this issue, and I tried doing stuck like increasing the buffer size to max in the driver settings and by increasing the Playback and Record I/O Buffer sizes, but neither seemed to work. I also tried lowering my CPU load a ton by closing all background processes, freezing all synths, and using best performance on my computer. Please help. I should mention that this issue never happened to me before I replaced the old hard drive. EDIT: I fixed it!!!!! FINALLY!!! It had nothing to do with my computer's soundcard or audio quality. It turns out that I downloaded the demo version of the VST Plugin Ozone Imager 2 and put it on my busses, which is why is muted some of the audio sometimes. I feel really dumb, but I'm so glad I have this issue figured out.
  2. So I originally had an issue of my audio dropping out randomly whenever my project was playing. I did all sorts of things to try to fix the issue (increasing the buffer sizes and limiting CPU usage) but I hadn't fixed the problem yet. I read from an official documentation file on here that I should delete the contents of the Picture Cache folder in the Cakewalk Projects folder. I did this while a project file was open, so I didn't delete some of these files as they were open. I then tried to open another project, and there was a fatal crash dump error or something like that. In order to fix it, I moved the files from the Recycle Bin again back into the Picture Cache folder. I kept trying to open the projects after this, and Cakewalk would start up, but in the top left of the screen it would say "Not Responding" and then it would crash again. Someone please help. Thank you. UPDATE: I fixed the issue! It turns out that a VST Plugin that I downloaded, Youlean Loudness Meter, was causing the crash for some strange reason. I deleted the plugin and opened the files, and my projects are working again :). This was the thread that helped me. And this was the comment that helped. On 12/12/2019 at 6:18 AM, Electric Raven said: Sorry I'm late for the party, but what I'm going to write now may be of help to someone else with similar problems. I am sometimes getting a fatal error for VCRuntime140.dll Here are some ways that you could try fixing it (the fixes might sound stupid but hear me out): 1. Up the samples on the driver you are using - I am using ASIO4ALLv2, and I would go to "Edit/Preferences/Driver Settings/ASIO Panel..." - I am usually using 256 samples, but when I get a crash i up the buffer to 1024 samples or higher 2. Change drivers - For example, if you are using ASIO4ALLv2, try with FL Studio ASIO (also with increased buffer size) - "Edit/Preferences/Devices", tick off the selected input/output and tick the deselected ones 3. Open a clean project - If maybe a certain plugin is bothering you, try opening it (the plugin bothering you) beforehand in a clean project 4. Temporarily remove the plugin that is causing conflict - If a certain plugin doesn't even want to load, try moving its DLL to somewhere else so that CW doesn't even load it - My example for this is VSCO2. Replaced it with Sketching orches, no problems since then 5. Opening CW as administrator - This is usually a simple fix for VSTs that give off lots of errors 6. Differently opening projects - I once couldn't open a project via the "CW Start Screen" pop up, so let me show you a few more ways: 1. By pressing "File", you get a drop-down list of recent projects 2. Going to "File/Open" and searching for the project manually 3. Finding the project manually on the computer (never did this myself) 7. Do NOT go to try and download a DLL fix or anything like that - THOSE ARE SCAMS If nothing of this mentioned above helps, I am truly sorry for your loss.
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