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  1. Don't forget to take one earbud out and share the mix with a friend.

    It drives me NUTS when I see people doing that!!!


    (i just bought a pair of Sennheiser CX300S'.  i'm not sure how "average" they are, but they sound pretty good)

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  2. You can load up one instance of Kontakt and feed it 16 MIDI channels, to as many synths as you can fit in the one Kontakt.

    Then you can add a 2nd instance of Kontakt into the project, and direct 16 more MIDI channels to THAT.


    I've never tried using more than one Stand-alone Kontakt, but I don't see the user-case for that...

  3. I've been playing others' Les Pauls for 30+ years, but only ever had a LP Studio as my own in the early 1990's.  I've never found anything to complain about at all. 

    The worst thing I can say about them is that I prefer the Fender scale length.

  4. Once I've written the song, I'll usually drop a MIDI drum loop and play along with my guitar.  I'll adjust the tempo until I find the right pace.  Then I'll record the audio tracks and specific MIDI parts.

    Sometimes I change my mind and have to erase the audio to adjust the tempo (i know you can time-stretch, but i prefer to let my performance fit naturally).  The rare time that the song tempo will change mid-way through, I program it into the project (Time View, i believe - not at my DAW now).  That way the MIDI fits properly, and i follow along organically with the "real" instruments.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Grem said:

    I noticed that the picture of him using the 'Balck Strat' is not the 'Black Strat.' The one in his hands (in the pic) has an rosewood fret board. Anyone notice this?

    Totally agree. I mean they may pick it up and stum it a few times to say they 'played DG guitar' but not much more than that.


    I am a guitar 'collector' in that I buy what I want, and don't sell it. I also use it. It's why I bought it. The people who buy these guitars are the real deal 'Collectors' in that is will sit somewhere hoping to increase in value.

    I've got a wealthy non-guitarist friend who's been a huge Floyd fan since the early 70's.  Apparently he's seriously considering putting in a bid.  If he wins, i think i'll be at his house more often!

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  6. I went through CDBaby for my last 2 albums as well.  Somewhat low-cost, it's really simple and has widespread distribution.

    Don't do it for money though - my 2017 album has earned about 10% of what my 2014 one did, and i think the 2017 one is more popular.  The difference between 2014-era MP3 purchases vs. 2017/2018 streaming income.

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  7. I use my DAW to write and record my own music.

    From there, it's distributed to the usual streaming/sales sites where it sits ignored.  Floating through the internet like the ghost of your creepy uncle that everyone wants to forget...


    Along with a couple of original albums on the go, i've also got a dozen or so covers that i'm trying to work into an album that'll just be for me to hear.

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