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  1. I'm a big fan of AD2, and I also program the drums via PRV. With the purchased version, you also get key mappings and it's easy to put together a map. AD2 might be the best value for my buck, out of all the add-ons I've ever purchased.
  2. Don't forget to take one earbud out and share the mix with a friend. It drives me NUTS when I see people doing that!!! (i just bought a pair of Sennheiser CX300S'. i'm not sure how "average" they are, but they sound pretty good)
  3. Back in 2003, I was looking to improving my home recordings and my digital 8-track wasn't cutting it. A quick Google-search brought up Cakewalk. It seemed well suited for both MIDI and Audio, and HomeStudio2 was around $50 or so. Well worth the risk, and I never looked back.
  4. lol, nope. I'm rethinking the friendship. An unbelievable response though - $21.5 million US for the 127-instrument auction, with almost $4million for the black strat...
  5. You can load up one instance of Kontakt and feed it 16 MIDI channels, to as many synths as you can fit in the one Kontakt. Then you can add a 2nd instance of Kontakt into the project, and direct 16 more MIDI channels to THAT. I've never tried using more than one Stand-alone Kontakt, but I don't see the user-case for that...
  6. I used to like Dean Markley's Blue Steel strings, but they don't seem available since i moved to a smaller town. I just bought D'Addario XL Nickel Wounds, they're pretty good. $35 Canadian, probably around $25US.
  7. I've been playing others' Les Pauls for 30+ years, but only ever had a LP Studio as my own in the early 1990's. I've never found anything to complain about at all. The worst thing I can say about them is that I prefer the Fender scale length.
  8. To me, it sounds like putting the Reverb and Delay on the same track, in series, is what you want to do. If you leave the original track dry, you may have to individually mess with the wet/dry on each effect to get it to the right balance before adjusting the buss volume to meet the original.
  9. Once I've written the song, I'll usually drop a MIDI drum loop and play along with my guitar. I'll adjust the tempo until I find the right pace. Then I'll record the audio tracks and specific MIDI parts. Sometimes I change my mind and have to erase the audio to adjust the tempo (i know you can time-stretch, but i prefer to let my performance fit naturally). The rare time that the song tempo will change mid-way through, I program it into the project (Time View, i believe - not at my DAW now). That way the MIDI fits properly, and i follow along organically with the "real" instruments.
  10. Drag one clip on top of the other. Highlight them both, and select Bounce To Clip.
  11. I was just about to say that exact thing.
  12. I've got a wealthy non-guitarist friend who's been a huge Floyd fan since the early 70's. Apparently he's seriously considering putting in a bid. If he wins, i think i'll be at his house more often!
  13. My reverb plugin choices seem to change whenever I've got an extra $20 to spend, but right now the Waves Abbey Road Chambers is my go-to.
  14. My wife and I just sold our condo, but haven't bought a new home yet. I've got the money sitting in my bank account. I wonder how mad she'd be? After all, "a house doesn't make a home..."
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