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  1. Those Hugh Padham drums sound great. Too bad I don't have Superior.
  2. So Studio Monkey created an account today just to post in this thread, picked a username that plays off of Jim's Studio Cat company name, and he's "just curious" with his questions that you can gleam from the website? Nothing suspicious there. Nope not at all.
  3. Got a Project Studio DAW from Jim back in 2014. Still use it to this day and have had absolutely no issues with it. Early on, I had a few settings changes that I wanted to make and was not sure how to proceed, and I called them up and they walked me right through it. Yes, you do pay more (parts-wise) for computers from Jim and the other companies that build DAWs, but the know-how to tweak things so they just flat out work is worth extra. Plus, you've got an actual person to talk who knows their stuff to ask questions if something does go amiss. That extra cost won't be worth it for some people, and that's fine. After my positive 8 year experience with a Purrrfect Audio DAW, I'll be going back there for my next one.
  4. Their legacy plugins became free. They still have current updated plugins they sell.
  5. Thomann has just dropped their EZX sale prices to $41. So, they're the best for the drummer expansions.
  6. It's where you buy EZBass and get a MIDI pack free. No discount. https://www.bestservice.com/deals/toontrack_take_it_ez_added_value_offer_4221.html
  7. I'm seeing Thomann listing the discounted EZX's at $69, but at Best Service, they're $52.95. Are you all seeing something different? How is Thomann cheaper?
  8. It looks a lot like Patchwork by Blue Cat Audio.
  9. I recommend seeing a doctor. 😄
  10. I was so confused by this. It's not a Tone 2 plugin...it's from Tone Empire. 😄
  11. I think you mean "first world problems" and the pen story is a myth. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/fact-or-fiction-nasa-spen/
  12. EZMix is the one most in need of an update, but since 4/4 reminds us of the time signature, I'm guessing it will be EZDrummer.
  13. Accusonus never sent me an email with my Regroover Pro serials from my account, so I have no way to get them (not that it seems to matter since they don't allow you to use the serials you got anyway). Oh, but I got sales emails day after day from them for months. Really poor business practice. Honestly, I really liked Regroover. I'm not sure of anything that does exactly the same thing. Any ideas of a product that does something similar?
  14. I had Regroover Essentials at first and I have that serial number. I then upgraded to Regroover Pro, but I cannot find that serial. It's currently installed on machine, so I'm trying to see if there's some way to extract the serial. No luck so far.
  15. Can this coupon code be compbined with loyalty points?
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