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  1. Custom Shop purchases do count for the group buy, correct? Just want to make 100% sure before making the jump.
  2. Is anyone on V6? If so, what upgrade price do you have? Mine is still the usual $349. No sale for me so far.
  3. Very nice giveaway. One of the few GForce products I don't own. BTW, the Sound Collective is on the Novation site for those, like me, that could not remember.
  4. The 30 Jampoints were just added to my total (went from 226 to 256) although I had to reload the page to get them to show. EDIT: They show up as "IK Gift Points" in my Jampoints listing.
  5. The exact text from the email I got was: "As an original SampleTron owner, we've added 30 JamPoints to your User Area! Just log in to your account to combine these with your crossgrade pricing on SampleTron 2 to save even more!" I can screenshot it if you don't believe me. 😁
  6. Pretty sure it's been 64-bit for years https://www.kvraudio.com/news/ichiro-toda-releases-synth1-vst-64-bit-for-windows-1-13beta1-and-synth1-au-for-mac-os-x-1-13beta7-26319
  7. I had to log out and then back in to get them. Once I logged back in, I clicked on Products in my account. See if that works.
  8. 30 Jampoints added to the accounts of users with Sampletron 1. Not too exciting. That's almost as useful as the recent $25 of NI coupon. IK's sales strategies always make it feel like you should just keep waiting. I suspect that has led to me buying fewer products of their's than I otherwise would have. I just assum that if i wait a little bit, there will probably be a better deal. Rinse and repeat.
  9. See the details here: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/sampletron2/
  10. The offer's on the BFD 3 product page, so I'm pretty sure it's not a mistake.
  11. Looks like the upgrade is based on what you own. My upgrade from V6 is $249.
  12. SmokeyJ628

    EzDrummer 2.2.1

    EZMix is the one that needs the update from Toontrack.
  13. But I only have V Collection 6, not the latest.
  14. My Analog Lab V is showing all presets that are in my Analog Lab 4.
  15. See my post above. Couldn't get the quote function to work earlier.
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