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  1. SmokeyJ628

    EzDrummer 2.2.1

    EZMix is the one that needs the update from Toontrack.
  2. But I only have V Collection 6, not the latest.
  3. My Analog Lab V is showing all presets that are in my Analog Lab 4.
  4. See my post above. Couldn't get the quote function to work earlier.
  5. There's a new expansion and the tron volume are on sale! You did it! Link: https://www.gforcesoftware.com/products/m-tron-pro/
  6. Great! Got an iPad a few weeks ago and I was waiting for the Korg sale to get some of those great apps.
  7. Also, the patches in this free refill are really very good.
  8. Note that there is a "secret" untitled folder in the download with samples of high res graphics for a couple of stock reason devices. There is hope that the high res version will some day be here--they're apparently working on it!
  9. I'm seeing a $99 upgrade to V-Collection 7 in my account, and a separate $99 crossgrade to the FX collection. Tempting deals.
  10. What's been the verdict on MODO Drum? Those who have it, do you like it?
  11. Blade 2...not Blue 2 😁
  12. Does a one-legged duck swim in a circle? Is the Pope Catholic?
  13. Thanks for the heads up on the Best Service mistake price. I did get it that price. Wohoo!
  14. The "base" intro offer is $149 for the Mod FX. You can log out and see that price.
  15. Weird. I have the latest version of Melodyne installed on my Win 8.1 computer. I didn't have to do anything special to get it to install.
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