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  1. I don't know which version I am using (Where can I see it?), but I just updated it to the newest one and It still won't let me open the file without crashing. I think I am using the latest version of my plugins, at least they do not require to be updated. Also I think my PC is fully patched and al my drivers are up to date! But is there a possibility of deleting tracks without opening cakewalk? Thank you so far! EDIT: So I started it again and it now says the plugin SQ8ROM causes the crash, imma go reinstall it right now, attached is the plugin dmp file! _10262020_144306.dmp
  2. Hi guys, So my cakewalk crashes with the code c0000005 when I try to load a song, I opened it in safe mode and one track is corrupted, although there are several tracks of the same VST I used for that sound. If I would delete that track in safe mode, all of my fx would be gone, so how can I solve this problem? Thanks in advance! Lofi.cwp
  3. Hey guys, so yesterday I downloaded a plugin called SQ8ROM, I use it to make lofi-type beats. All of a sudden, when I wanted to load my current project with only this plugin and some samples in it, cakewalk crashes. It happens everytime i try to load that song with that plugin in it. In the folder of the song, the track with the plugin is not there, does it have annything to do with it? It said there was a fatal error with the code c0000005. Uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin doesn´t work either. Sry in advance for my bad english and thanks in advance for your advices!
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