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  1. I was noticing when I exported my audio, the final track didn't have the same level as the master bus - your post finally showed me how to do it and gt the levels I was wanting to see. You rule!!!!!!!!
  2. Here is a version of Rainbow in the Dark by DIO I recently produced in Cakewalk. We used the original drum track and had 4 guitar players play 8 outro solos. This is our 6th virtual collaboration for International Metal Coalition. International Metal Coalition - Rainbow in the Dark
  3. Here is a couple Covid-19 virtual collaborations I participated in. Mixed in Cakewalk. Addictive Drums 2 for the drums via a Roland kit. WASP - The Heretic (Vocals, Drums, Audio Production, Video) WASP - The Heretic Judas Priest - Devils Child (Vocals, Drums, Bass, Audio Production, Video) Judas Priest - Devils Child Enjoy.....
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