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About me ( If of any idle interest )

SPAK ;- Nickname for about 45 plus years .. forgotten why 🙄 I'm old , so I forget a lot of stuff ..

I have been writing songs and poetry since the 60's. I joined a band ( Kerbstone ) in the 70's as lead vocalist and rhythm guitar, soon we purchased a Vox keyboard on which I played such things as Hawkwind 's 'In search of space' .. that was until we were thrown off stage at a Pontins  holiday camp during the gig for being too loud! At some point the bassist decided to marry his girlfriend ( who hated sitting on the stage waiting to drive him home) and our guitarist discovered that grass is sometimes greener 🥴 (if you get the point) and went AWOL.🚭

Me on the other hand got into writing and singing, joined a few other bands doing vocals,some success with RCA but my heart was in recording. I had a two year contract from a rip off agent, did some work for RCA ,although gainfully employed elsewhere and, actually turned down an A&R guy .. bad move as I discovered later E/L/& P had some interest. I wrote some gospel songs that I think are still being sung , but they ended up in America somewhere so I'm not sure ...

Marriage took over then kids and mortgage payments plus trimmings were the order of the day.

My best friend and wife has been though it all with me, and put up with my desire to build a small studio in retirement, ( most of the love songs are written with her in mind )... so there it is ...an opened nutshell.

Lastly, just al detail to note approximately 14 years go I suffered a stroke, then, impossible to play or sing or for that matter, even talk! Took about 2 years to get halfway back to my old self and a further 6 or so years to relearn playing my music again ... scary stuff and although I don't do stage stuff anymore I'm pretty much to 'normal' whatever that is.

As nobody will read this I am also a millionaire ... 😁 . so That's Good  !!


Toys listed here are but a few ... hope you enjoy my songs 

Home-built 64 bit PC running Win 10 Pro,  2nd system Laptop (remote recording) running Win10 pro, li te 49 midi keyboard.

DAW' s :-  Sonar Platinum now BAND LAB , Cubase Pro 9,. 9.5 10 and  10.5. Pro Tools , CyberLink Audio Director 7, Power Director 15
Other Stuff :- Impulse61, Impact 88 , DX7, Behringer X-Touch , Tascam MidiStudio688, Orbit v2, Roland U220, SPL Vitalizer, TC Helicon, Alesis M1s, JBL's, DT100, DT 770,  Rode NT1 & NT2, 2x Shure SM58's, Red5 RV6 Mics, Various Guitars .... Ibanez S770, revamped Les Paul , Yamaha Pacifica 112, SGR C-1, Yamaha Acoustic 12 string, Gibson 6 String Acoustic, Fender Squire Bass, Yamaha 800 Active Fretless a n d   loadsa outboard stuff .... still haven't got a no 1 though so no talent ......


Stay well keep music to heart ... that the currency of the future

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