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  1. Hi Soundwise, I used the latest version of AAS' Custom "All" Installer. Restarted the laptop and checked with CbB. I think previous forum posts noted a "memory leak" issue with some AAS plugins, which would explain the interminable loading/crashing but they are the only plugins I use that lose their GUI. Sorry, not computer literate enough to know why it should occur specifically with CbB but I imagine that is why AAS have not addressed the issue before now.
  2. I have had a similar experience. AAS plugins seem troubled by Windows updates (who isn't?) and how they interact with CbB. There is a thread somewhere on the forum about this issue. I re-installed all my AAS plugs, which seems to work...
  3. Thanks everyone, for the replies and clarification.
  4. Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 2nd Gen. The most recent offer appears to be Bias FX 2 LE.
  5. Hmm, I do not see these in my account. Does anyone know if some of the Sound Collective offers are region specific? I never saw the ROLI offer, either...
  6. Thanks, Reid. Very interesting!
  7. ZincT, thanks for the tip. I will investigate jBridge.
  8. Has anyone used Silk successfully in Cakewalk by Bandlab? I hear a crackle/distortion that I do not hear when using it in Reaper.
  9. MIDI clips tend to adjust to the project tempo because they do not contain audio data, only instructions for the (drum) synth. Perhaps you are using something other than an actual MIDI clip?
  10. I should probably clarify that I was not in any way referring to the Sample Library Review. Don's pronunciation of "Maida Vale" was priceless!
  11. Discover can be had for free, is a relatively tiny download and provides a wealth of sounds. I immediately alerted people I know. I think it is a little churlish to be overly critical of an initiative that could enable many people to make music. Perhaps I know too many young people who downloaded the otherwise excellent Reaper but were baffled when "it didn't make any sounds"? Reaper is not free but is a small download: these things matter to people used to app stores...
  12. I should state that for me, this was a good deal. Not an extensive collection but certainly some sounds I do not have in other libraries, particularly the various frame drums An additional value is that the mic placements really do make a difference to the tones, seemingly with hardly any impact on memory. Ultimately YMMV but I was ok to chance a relatively small gamble to find out for myself.
  13. I would suggest that Shimmer Shake Strike and Flying Hand Percussion might be complementary but are quite different. SSS provides a lot of high frequency percussion patterns and rolls, well recorded and easy to use/insert into a track. Flying Hand Percussion has a number of comprehensively sampled low end drums, that would best suit someone who wants to play their percussion parts via a keyboard. Just my opinion but there is not much overlap in their purposes nor how they might be used.
  14. Yes, I did the upgrade on SOLID because it seemed potentially the most versatile instrument. The sounds probably won't trouble the big name virtual drummers, so the value of multiple out puts is debatable but the drag and drop MIDI is useful. Essentially, I think SOLID2 is an even better tool for quick drum part creation. YMMV as they say.
  15. Thanks for the reply re. the animation
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