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  1. Bottom right of the User Interface, left of the Master FX tab. Not sure if the Velocity dial is global for all patches.
  2. Reid, that was a very interesting and thoughtful video. Thanks!
  3. In my experience, AAS plugins behave erratically in the Cakewalk environment. Too many times I've been working on a project, only to have an attempted instance of Chromaphone 3 or Strum bring the session to a halt. For those so inclined, create a project with some tracks using instruments PRIOR to loading Chrom 3. There is definitely some kind of memory issue, specific to working within CbB. I had hoped the latest updates would address the problem.
  4. Nicely done, thanks for sharing!
  5. The MIDI arrangements are mainly 4/4 but I also see some 3/4, 5/4, 6/8 and 7/4 patterns.
  6. Not particularly good but at the available price, very convenient. I intend to use it as a quickly accessible, standalone "desktop" keys app and for basic project template sketching. I will almost certainly replace the sounds with anything else by Sonivox, Air, EZ Keys, Native instruments et al.
  7. Hi Jerry, Inspiring music and post, thank you for sharing!
  8. I bought the three volumes recently because they were discounted. I wouldn't recommend an impulse purchase but there is a lot of content. My immediate impression is that it takes some work (tinkering with the phrase offsets, volumes and eq) to use in a project.
  9. Thanks, always helpful to have reminders and tips!
  10. Yes, thanks for the replies. Soundiron currently have Questionably Barbershop https://soundiron.com/products/questionably-barbershop on sale, although that is not quite what I had in mind. I have Indie Voices but thanks for reminding about SampleTank's vocal samples.
  11. That really IS a nice library, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I appreciate that it is not really your area of interest but are there similar libraries that you would recommend?
  12. Hi Soundwise, I used the latest version of AAS' Custom "All" Installer. Restarted the laptop and checked with CbB. I think previous forum posts noted a "memory leak" issue with some AAS plugins, which would explain the interminable loading/crashing but they are the only plugins I use that lose their GUI. Sorry, not computer literate enough to know why it should occur specifically with CbB but I imagine that is why AAS have not addressed the issue before now.
  13. I have had a similar experience. AAS plugins seem troubled by Windows updates (who isn't?) and how they interact with CbB. There is a thread somewhere on the forum about this issue. I re-installed all my AAS plugs, which seems to work...
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