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  1. This can be really frustrating. I'll be working in my DAW and for no real reason that I can pinpoint, the whole screen gets this white fogged over look and stops working. The little blue processor wheel keeps spinning. I have to close the whole program down and it doesn't want to come back right away.
  2. My new edition of Cakewalk is seeing the I/O box just fine today. I was working with it for over an hour and then the whole screen just went white , sort of like a thick fog but I could still see it
  3. I am brand new to this so I first installed Sonar 4. Yes, I actually bought the disk on Reverb.com for twenty bucks. A friend gave me a really cool I/O box, an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra. It's strange because sometimes the new free edition of Cakewalk will "see" that I/O box and sometimes it won't. This morning I went back to the Sonar 4 project and it saw the I/O box just fine but my newest edition of Cakewalk did not. I even removed the Fast Track for the Sonar 4 project and the new Cakewalk still didn't see it. Hmmm.... and clues? Thanks
  4. I knew this was going to happen. In reading a lot of other notes in here I keep seeing 2 or 3 letter acronyms and I have no idea what they stand for. Is there a DAW dictionary of acronyms? For instance, you said " Add the SI Drums to a track. Open up its GUI" I have no idea what SI and GUI stand for. This is how new I am to all of this. Then scook said "may be dragged directly into CbB from BA." Again, no idea. I'm sure life will be easier once I learn more of these. Thank-you for you help!
  5. Okay, please forgive me but I'm brand new to the entire world of DAW. I've been slowly piecing together a home studio and now I'm ready start creating. I want to start by importing some drum loops from Band Lab Assistant. I can't figure out how. This is my very first question and I'm sure as I get more familiar with this forum I'm be able to find more answers on my own. Thank-you!
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