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  1. Love Christmas Music. Can do lots with it. Dynamics in particular.
  2. Well, the plan was to record a bunch a Christmas songs and give them as gifts on CD to family. Wanted plenty of lead time.
  3. Yup. Just came back to recording after retiring. Won't go through all the issues of the older PC recording unit running EMU 1820m under XP (love that audio interface and intend to keep it while upgrading everything else....I think. All working under Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit but can't recrod higher that 48k. Unit has capability of going to 192k. SOme difference between XP and Windows 7 and above. I have tone modules and keyboards. They are reliable and all have on-board processing for effects. Mine are the Korg Trinity Pro keyboard, Trinity Rack, Korg O3r/W, EMU Proteus PK6 keyboard loaded, Proteus 2000 loaded, Ultra Proteus, EMU Emulator 6400 , E-Synth, Voce tone wheel organ simulator, Midiverb 4, TWO Qyadraverb 2. Will be building a new computer in late September or early October. Looking at the Intel i910900 processor or possibly the yet to be released Ryzen 4000 series for desktop, depending on single and dual core latencies. ... and price. I would prefer to run Windows 8.1 pro 64 as I know it works with my EMU 1820m. I may have to go to an earlier version of Windows 10 (1709) build) that supposedly also works. I do not want to have to buy a replacement card. This bugger has the same A/D D/A converters Pro Tools used. I have a PCIe to PCI adapter that I am told works well. Might need to modify the case slightly. So.... that what is there and likely upcoming. In the interim, I am recording a simple Christmas Song (Silent Night) to familiarize myself with the DAW. So far so good. Everything talks nicely.
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