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  1. Hey there, I had the same problem with Melodyne 4 and 5 . I have the paid version of 4, and upgrade to the paid version of Melodyne 5. But the new version of Cakewalk granted to us has solved all my issues. All the best, -Michael Heavner
  2. Thanks Again Cakewalk Team! The new version is working great for my production needs! If I could make one request? And, that is, with regard to "Clip" and the "Automation" envelope choices. For many years, I've had to do a time consuming dance between the 'Clip' and 'Automation' during my final mixing. I would rather the 'Clip' setting stay as the default choice. Personally, after automating my mix, is when I really tighten clips and edit clips/parts; as well as additional automation . I rarely, by comparison to working in the Clip mode, edit the Automation envelopes; I do at times edit the envelopes, but maybe 5%, it is just the dance around the "Clip" edit and "Automation" envelopes that slows down my production workflow. Perhaps a choice/setting to make the 'Clip' the default would be perfect, at least for my work in Cakewalk. Just my 2 pennies worth. Great work Cakewalk Team! Most Respectfully, -Michael Heavner Cakewalk user for over 30 years
  3. Excellent! There are going to be some happy Cakewalk users;-) Having said, Waves Studio Rack is still causing Cakewalk to crash immediately after a file/song has opened. I know this is a Waves issue and not Cakewalk, I mention it only as a heads-up for other users. I wonder if anyone else is having the same issue with the Waves Studio Rack? All of my other Waves plugins cause no issues. Many thanks again Cakewalk Team! Dell Precision 1 TB Solid State M.2 Hard Drive 8 Core i9-9900k CPU @ 3.60GHz Ram 128 GB Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 MOTU micro express
  4. Dear Cakewalk, Thank you for the opportunity! Right off the bat, the console view with floating screens is fixed from the previous version. All settings and strips settings are recalled as they should. I'm digging in now with some beefy projects and will gladly report any other findings on my end. So far so good. Most Respectfully, -Michael Heavner
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