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  1. Thanks - so changing ClipGainWaveformAccuracy = 8 in the initialisation file seems to help a bit, as does disabling all FX, but I think it's generally just more resource intensive, as closing down other programs helps as well, as well as sometimes a program or even Windows restart. The problem now only seems to sometimes happen when the project clock is set to Midi sync. When it's audio it's ok.
  2. Upgraded to 2021.12 earl;y access and then final version today. have now discovered problems recording audio (soundcard EMU 0404 PCI). Stuttering and brealups, and even recording at a lower pitch when recording a single stereo track. Playback was fine. Reverting to 2021.11 and everything is back to normal and fine.
  3. Hi - I'm on the latest version of cakewalk, and just noticed that my clip gain envelopes have stopped working properly. They do 'something' but not much - moving one node to create a slope seems to do nothing. moving a node along makes a diffence but only to one side of that node, and again not in a way that reflects a slope - see screen shot to try and illustrate the point. I don't think I've done anything to change any settings (though I could be wrong!), and this seems to affect old projects as well that I know were working fine before. Is this a known issue? is there a fix? Thanks for any help.
  4. That's great - Projectscope does the job - gives all the audio files rather than just vsti tracks, but once in excel easy enough to filter things out. Thanks all.
  5. Hi - is there an easy way to list/export all the plugins used in a song - other than having to open the song and manually look/check/write them down! I've got loads of songs, some going back many years eg pre-Sonar but all updated and working today, but I'm maintaining too many old versions of plugins to keep everything working. I want to consolidate but could really do with an effective way of listing all plugins used in each song so I can see what I can easily get rid of or replace etc. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.
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