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  1. Hi all. I need to get a backward piano chord crescendo thing going. Like before the harmonics in the intro of Roundabout (for all you Yes fans out there). I want to take a piano chord and reverse it. Anyone help me out on how to do that? Thanks!
  2. sven450

    Science Rock

    Cool song! Proggy, just the way I like it.
  3. Nice! For a 'non vocalist' you did a great job. Cool horns.
  4. sven450


    Cool song. I would agree with just about all said: cool lyrics, nice vibe-y thing going on. I think there is too much verb on the drums, makes them sound a bit disconnected to the song. Otherwise very cool.
  5. I actually just ended up doing the same as you. I had to cut clips within the take lanes to vary the size, then I could manually slip edit. Kinda annoying.
  6. I don't think you are doing anything wrong. If you want doubled vocals, it is just like guitar. You really need to have another real take of the vocals. Vocal doubling plug ins just are not the same, and often sounds chorus-y or flang-y. Just sing it again. It is always better. That being said, I have used a tiny bit of the ADT and also tried a tiny bit of the doubler in the PX whatever vocal strip in Sonar with some decent results on main vocals. But if you want full on doubled vox, go for two separate, individual takes.
  7. This is baffling me. On some clips in the take lanes, I can slip edit no problem. But other tracks, if I try to slip edit a take lane, it slip edits ALL the takes. I can't seem to find the command or menu to fix this. Anyone help me out?
  8. I was going to reply, but everything I do is in the first reply. Sometimes, depending on the "keeper take", I may need to rerecord a double to have it match up perfectly, but generally I can use the outtakes of the main to cobble together a solid double on a second track.
  9. I have to agree. Even this forum has become a bit boring (in a good way) because the program really seems to be stable now. I have been a Sonar guy forever, and I have had no issues at all since Bandlab took over. Having SPLAT and Bandlab version is the DAW I always wanted. Everything works, and I can just write and record without issue or concern. Nice!
  10. you can set the peaks to show up and hold if you go to the options menu in track view (under meter options) . That will show and hold the highest peak on either a track or a bus
  11. I was in this same boat. Try this http://www.vst4free.com/free_vst.php?id=2126 I ended up really liking it. Here is the whole thread
  12. Got all UAD vst scanned, but the only ones that show up in my list are the 32 bit ones. Both folders (C:program files...powered plugins for 64 bit and C:program files (86) for the 32 bit) are in the scan paths. Not sure what to do. I tried removing the 32 bit path and rescanning, and I now have TWO copies of all the 32 bit plugs showing up in the list, and still no 64 bit. I would like some advice on 1) how to get rid of the 2 copies of the 32 bit plugs, and 2) how to get Sonar to scan only the 64 bit plugs. Thanks in advance! See ya.
  13. Just to throw in my 2 cents: I just moved on from an Octacapture due only to GEARLUST. Now that I have a new interface, I am realizing how good the Octacapture was. I went with a UAD Twin, which is great, but the Octacapture actually gave me slightly better latency. The sound quality difference is negligible at best. Bottom line--don't sleep on the Octacapture, it is a great interface. Also, anyone want a really good deal on a used Octacapture?
  14. Hi all. Sonar really does not seem to like UAD plugs. I just entered this UAD world, and Sonar stalls on multiple plugins while scanning. Each one it sticks on, I have gone in and deleted from the large UAD stockpile installed, but now it is stalling on a plugin I plan to use and want to keep. Any ideas on how to fix this hanging on scan issue? Thanks.
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