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  1. All of this is good stuff, but the best thing I have done recently in mixes is to have a DI (or just clean) track along side the fancy FX chain/amp version. I cut most of the low end out of the DI, add some dirt, then blend that in with the girthy amp sound. Being able to blend a "HI" bass with a "LOW" bass is incredibly helpful in a mix. Trying to get all of what you want in a bass part in one track seems unnecessarily difficult, especially given the ease we all have now with cloning tracks and things like that.
  2. Its not fancy, but the one in the VX whatever vocal strip that comes with Sonar works well for me. You can choose depth, choose the frequency you want to take out as well as "audition" the sounds it is taking out. That is pretty much all I need. Did I mention its free?
  3. Very cool. Just did this and it worked a charm.
  4. Any experience with this interface? It has everything I want in an upgrade: nice converters, nice preamps, low latency drivers, and on board DSP for tracking. The online community has a few mixed reactions with the Ultralight disconnecting and some other random weirdness. Anyone have first hand experience with this thing? Thanks.
  5. Awesome. Thanks! Will fix this evening.
  6. Wait, if the keyboard shortcut was removed, then is there a way to NOT use Auto Track Zoom?
  7. WAIT! I just discovered this: Auto Zoom the current track When Auto Zoom is enabled, the current track will automatically zoom and any lanes will be shown at their minimum height, and all other tracks will be minimized. When a new track is focused, it swaps heights with the previously focused track. Auto Zoom allows you to show more tracks or buses simultaneously as a result of having all but one zoomed out vertically. Note: When Auto Zoom is enabled, it is not possible to resize individual tracks. All non-focused tracks always have the same track height. If a non-focused track is resized, all others resize with it. All Minimize Strip and Restore Strip buttons are also hidden. To enable/disable Auto Zoom Do one of the following: Click the Track view Views menu and select Auto Zoom. Press SHIFT+Z. Maybe in a frantic attempt to UNDO something with CTRL Z, I hit SHIFT Z. I'll investigate later tonight....
  8. I have not been working in CBandlab much in the past few months, so perhaps this was part of a new update, but track resizing and selecting seems to be different than what I remember. It seems new that when in track view, if I select a track, it automatically gets resized to "large", while simultaneously "shrinking" any track that was formerly enlarged. This is annoying. Sometimes I just want to select, not resize. Furthermore, if I have take lanes open on one track then I select another track, it un-take lanes the original track. In essence, it makes it hard to have two tracks enlarged both with take lanes open. And lastly, trying to manually resize a track by dragging its bottom edge resizes ALL tracks by default. It is not until I select the track from its number in the corner, than resize that it will only resize the track I'm trying to manipulate. Did I just hit a weird button or something? I really dislike this behavior and will switch it off if one of you wonderful people just tells me how. Thanks!
  9. this is my go to now. Love it! https://gg-audio.com/blue3.html
  10. This one is overlooked, and for my money, is the best Marshall sim out there. Just sounds great, and there are (I think) four Marshall heads, an overdrive pedal and cabs. Check it out if you haven't https://mercuriall.com/cms/details_spark
  11. There used to be a little button on the upper right corner of each track in the track view to minimize the track. Now I have this behavior when if I click a track, it gets biggasized and all other tracks get minimized. Furthermore, if I try to resize one, they all change together. Its driving me crazy. How does one change these things? Hope I'm being clear. this is basically the vertical height of tracks in the track view.
  12. sven450


    Great song. Nice Dead vibe. Well done!
  13. I have the 250 and they are wonderful. I do not find that they hype the bass. If anything, they have a bit of a bump around 6-7K. Check out this graph https://reference-audio-analyzer.pro/en/report/hp/beyerdynamic-dt-770-pro-80.php I will say that now that I have these and have gotten used to them, I can no longer use my old Audio Technica m40s. They are so bright it hurts!
  14. Great job. Perfect mix, nice song!
  15. sven450

    Made me a video!

    Thnks. Its my second vid, and I have to say it is fun as hell to make videos. Much easier that trying to get a mix right!
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