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  1. this is my go to now. Love it! https://gg-audio.com/blue3.html
  2. This one is overlooked, and for my money, is the best Marshall sim out there. Just sounds great, and there are (I think) four Marshall heads, an overdrive pedal and cabs. Check it out if you haven't https://mercuriall.com/cms/details_spark
  3. There used to be a little button on the upper right corner of each track in the track view to minimize the track. Now I have this behavior when if I click a track, it gets biggasized and all other tracks get minimized. Furthermore, if I try to resize one, they all change together. Its driving me crazy. How does one change these things? Hope I'm being clear. this is basically the vertical height of tracks in the track view.
  4. sven450


    Great song. Nice Dead vibe. Well done!
  5. I have the 250 and they are wonderful. I do not find that they hype the bass. If anything, they have a bit of a bump around 6-7K. Check out this graph https://reference-audio-analyzer.pro/en/report/hp/beyerdynamic-dt-770-pro-80.php I will say that now that I have these and have gotten used to them, I can no longer use my old Audio Technica m40s. They are so bright it hurts!
  6. Great job. Perfect mix, nice song!
  7. sven450

    Made me a video!

    Thnks. Its my second vid, and I have to say it is fun as hell to make videos. Much easier that trying to get a mix right!
  8. sven450

    Made me a video!

    Thanks. It was a fun one for sure!
  9. sven450

    Made me a video!

    Thanks Lynn! Appreciate the listen
  10. Sounds nice. Maybe a little bit bright, but not a really a big deal. I wouldn't overthink it as I'm pretty sure most of the attention will be elsewhere.... Nice job.
  11. sven450

    Funk Cello

    Sounds great. Nice even mix and a very original thing you got going on. I like it!
  12. Nice. Just on your phone? We really do live in the future.
  13. This is great! And that is a wonderful fuzz sound you got there
  14. sven450

    Made me a video!

    Thanks. I don't really know any Tonic but this one and the other hit they had. The original version of this song is so FAT sounding. I tried to get it right, but there is some serious mojo on the kick or bass on that song. Is it super cool sounding.
  15. sven450

    Made me a video!

    I don't own a wah, so I had to dust off my old POD X3 which I have an expression pedal for. I forgot that you can definitely get some workable tones with that thing. All that crunch/wah guitar is the POD dialed up with the little Marshall 18 watt combo and one of the POD overdrives. Who knew?
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