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  1. That bold text annoys me, too. Notes could with a little work support Rich Text Format.
  2. This is fixed as well. Now + works in in the Event Inspector, at least on my Finnish keyboard.
  3. Use more aggressive auto-save. I have set it to save project every 5 minutes or 30 changes. If Cakewalk crashes, my average loss is 2.5 minutes or less.
  4. I see "General error" after saving maybe 2-3 times per year. Auto-save is enabled. I always start/stop plaback and then the error goes away.
  5. Workaround found! I disconnected AxeFX III USB cable replaced it with MIDI IN/OUT cables connected to my audio interface. Pros: - Mouse problem disappeared instantly and I can use mouse in Cakewak like before. Cons: - Standard MIDI I/O is slow. Axe Edit III startup time is now over a minute. - One of the two MIDI I/O is now reserved for the Axe FX. This means more cabling work when I need to use rack synths.
  6. Dual monitor setup with NVIDIA GeForce 1070. Mouse works perfectly whenever Axe Edit III program is not running - problem starts after Axe Edit III has completed initialization on startup and is ready to use. And mouse behavior is healed as soon as I close the program or turn off power from Axe FX II MK 2. I tried to switch AxeFX and mouse to different USB ports - no effect. Also two different mouses (Logitech and Microsoft) tested - no effect. Next I will test if problem persist with Remote Desktop Connection and old PS/2 mouse.
  7. Spy++ No messages going to Axe Edit while mouse is inside Cakewalk.exe. Here is a snippet from mouse movement log while I was resizing track height. Line 000678: mouse xpos and yPos values are corrupted. This causes the track height resizing problem but it does not tell where the bug is (somewhere in Kernel?) . @Ben Staton & @Noel Borthwick, have you any idea..? Note to followers, just in case... This bug is not in Cakewalk but it makes using Cakewalk challenging.
  8. I tested Spy last night but for some reason I was not able to log messages. Might need some help as I've used that tool last time a decade ago..
  9. Small detail: when setting track height, it's actually not the mouse that jumps but the track height which grows 200 - 300 pixels.
  10. Nope. Axe Edit III is standalone program. That's why it IS weird.
  11. Interesting... What is your mouse model? Maybe there's something wrong in the Logitech drivers in my setup although all other programs work just fine. Also the older Axe Edit for AxeFX II did not have this issue.
  12. Has anybody else seen this? If you have Fractal Audio Axe Edit III running while using Cakewalk, it somehow disturbs mouse double-clicks and resizing events: more than half of the double-clicks are not registered in Cakewalk and if resizing for example track height, it may jump suddenly to unexpected height. As soon as Axe Edit III is closed, mouse works perfectly again. I do not see this behavior in other programs like Firefox, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, After Effects or Microsoft Word while Axe Edit III is open. Can anyone repro this? My mouse is Logitech M185. EDIT: My Axe FX 3 MK II is connected via USB to PC but for audio I use AES/EBU. USB is for the firmware updates only. EDIT2: When starting Axe Edit III, mouse works OK while user presets and cabinets are read. Problem arises when Axe Edit III has completed all initializations and is ready for use. EDIT3: I tried other free USB 2.0 and 3.0 slots for the Axe FX III MK II USB cable. No effect. EDIT4: Video track height: same issue but Cakewalk fixes height immediately after the glitch unlike when resizing track height. EDIT5: Issue is in the busses, too. EDIT6: I think this issue is in the system level: when resizing windows of many other programs, they may too blink momentarily to wrong height but window size jumps back to mouse location when the next mouse location is read. I suspect Axe FX III's USB driver is the cause for this problem. EDIT7: Changed title.
  13. I think plug-ins are the bottleneck in exporting audio: if one FX is slow and uses only one core then the others need to wait for that.
  14. That would work! The setting "0" (Use playback buffer size) is another not so obvious thing to understand. I bet most people think 0 = No buffer. It could be stated more clearly in the Export Audio window.
  15. I was not comparing hobbyists and home studio guys to big studios but rather tried to point out that nowadays users should not be required to learn things like how buffer size affects performance: it's complicated subject and most musicians are not interested in that kind of things. Programmers are but musicians without coding experience may feel setting buffer size difficult. Same applies to any big studio, too. Ability to modify buffer size is great but I was wondering if it was possible to do this automatically. Noel already explained why it may now work that great.
  16. Export Audio Toast message is on the top of other programs and it won't disappear automatically. Suggestion: make it disappear automatically and at least keep it on the top of other Cakewalk windows but not on the top of other programs.
  17. Is the memory consumption that big deal? Today it should not be an issue except in older laptops. I would like to see Cakewalk optimizing buffer size automatically behind the scenes. Now there are a dozen buffer size combobox items available but nobody knows which setting is the best and why. From end user's point of view buffer size is too technical and does not fit in Cakewalk's modern UI design principles which clearly tries to target Cakewalk for beginners and home studios. Those folks do not need understand why some buffer setting is faster and other is slower. Audio Export module could test the best buffer setting while user is setting filename and other options. On a laptop: less memory usage, on high-end PC: use as much RAM as needed.
  18. Cakewalk is professional DAW. How do I know? -I have used it exclusively for the past 16 years to record, mix and produe music - professionally. Back in days some clients asked why I don't have Mac and why does that Pro Tools look so strange. Most musicians don't care - I could mix their songs with Notepad or hex editor and they'd be happy. Once when Windows crashed during recording session I was told to get Mac. Still no Macs here. I have lost one or maybe two mixing sessions in the past 20 years because I did not have Pro Tools HD. PC+Win10+Cakewalk gives you 2x performance with 0,5x money compared to Mac.
  19. Hi guys, I am developer of Duckbar. I have not maintained it for a while because Cakewalk has finally got many of Duckbar's essential features natively (Theme Editor, automatic waveform cache management, Tap Tempo, etc. And there are other utils available for the Tools menu editing. QuadEQ solo button is yet to come but that's not big enough feature for me to invest a week full working days to make updated Duckbar version. So currently the Duckbar project is on hold... -Panu
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