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  1. I just figured this out. It was tedious. Thought I would share in case it helps someone else. (Notes only.) Kontakt-Ultraviolet.map
  2. Thanks. So it is really more of a bug fix: note names are saved per-track for the PRV, not globally. That is a big step forward (it was kind of useless before). But note name definitions themselves are pretty much defined as always. The Drum Map still has some advantages - such as allowing you to define a much smaller subset of useful notes.
  3. Where is this feature? I looked through help and read a lot of release notes. The menus in PRV look the same to me. I have added note names in Master.ins before, but I haven't seen a way to use a separate file.
  4. I've been a happy user of Cakewalk for many many years. There are lots of comments about how clumsy the Drum Map Manager is to use. A major update would be nice, but probably is a big effort. A couple of very simple things would make it much more convenient to use. Very often I use it to just display drum note names for a drum VST. I assume that this is a common case. This is awkward because: the Out Port moves to different positions for a VST sometimes different a channel other than 10 is used Typically one Out Port and a single channel are needed for a drum VST. It would be really nice to have a couple of buttons like: Set all Out Port to X Set all channels to X Otherwise it is very cumbersome to edit dozens of items. Note name "instrument" definitions can be used instead, but Drum Maps have advantages.
  5. I love it that development is very active and many useful improvements are being made . And that input is being solicited. Volumes have been written by others about the Drum Map (Manager). I share a lot of the negative reactions. I would propose a very simple improvement for a common and annoying issue (for me). My projects always use a VST for drums. The "output port (number)" of the drums changes from project to project. It is painful to re-edit the "output port (number)" for dozens of notes in Addictive Drums. Once this has been done, of course it is possible, not convenient, to save map copies with every possible port number. Wouldn't it be reasonable to add a button to the Drum Map Manager like: "Change all output ports to X"? Alternatively, in PRV: "Load note names from <some-text-file>". Adding definitions to a massive Master.ins file is not a convenient workaround.
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