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  1. I love it that development is very active and many useful improvements are being made . And that input is being solicited. Volumes have been written by others about the Drum Map (Manager). I share a lot of the negative reactions. I would propose a very simple improvement for a common and annoying issue (for me). My projects always use a VST for drums. The "output port (number)" of the drums changes from project to project. It is painful to re-edit the "output port (number)" for dozens of notes in Addictive Drums. Once this has been done, of course it is possible, not convenient, to save map copies with every possible port number. Wouldn't it be reasonable to add a button to the Drum Map Manager like: "Change all output ports to X"? Alternatively, in PRV: "Load note names from <some-text-file>". Adding definitions to a massive Master.ins file is not a convenient workaround.
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