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  1. Using an Akai MPK mini professional to play the Cakewalk SI drum kit. I prefer using the keys rather than the pads for drums. How do I assign the keys to the different drum sounds in order to get them into proximity with each other? When I right click the drum image is shows me the midi note, but I don't see any way to reassign a particular key to that note. I've looked at the Akai documents and its Editor but don't see anything in the device that says how to do it (lots of tutorials on assigning the pads however). Can key reassignment even be done, or am I stuck with the keys they way they are?
  2. This forum is helpful and lots of pros respond, but as a newbie with a million questions I'm looking for some dedicated resource when needed. Has anyone used Obedia and if so what did you think? Seems a bit pricey but given the amount of wasted hours in 2 weeks of using the DAW, I'm thinking it might be worth it.
  3. Was recording two audio tracks along with a midi track with my usual struggle of changing settings constantly to get things to work. At some point while messing with the piano roll and staff view to clean up a midi track, the waveforms for the audio tracks changed to look like long strings. Sounds OK, but something is wrong in a setting I guess. Any ideas?
  4. Using an M-Audio M-Track interface into a new Omen laptop. Finally got some nice clean sound with a guitar and Breverb and was recording a track when ugly distortion cut in unexpectedly. Thought it might just be the monitors but in PB the signal was affected. Interface is on ASIAO driver, and input was to L channel. When I switched to R channel input it went away, but then came back. Switched to stereo and it went away. for now. See short video. Signal around -10. Sounded and recorded great until it didn't. No drop out message or anything else apparent. Maybe my interface? 20200805_130931_Trim.mp4
  5. Peter Silver

    Pete S

    Looking to find a way to slave CW to my Yamaha CVP 107 Clainova sequencer keyboard adn record multiple midi channels to CW. I do a lot of recording on the Clav with drums, bass, strings, etc. In the past I've been able to take the mix output as audio stereo tracks and then d overdubs (used a Zoom R8 but wanting to switch to CW). I'd like to record those tracks directly into separate midi tracks on CW to do editing, quantizing, etc. Once the backing track is recorded, I want to be able to record additional keyboard overdubs, using the transport on the keyboard to start CW to keep in sync and not be reaching all over the room. The Clav has 16 midi tracks built in, with built in accompaniment on 9-16. Unfortunately, the keyboard is 20+ years old, but MIDI hasn't changed that much, I hope. A related question is how do I record the native MIDI sounds from my Clav to a MIDI track in CW? The Clav has 200+ built in sounds (Yamaha XG) which I'd love to use and not have to use a plug in every time. I believe a video I saw recently showed a way to create a midi track and a companion audio track. The midi track just sent the data, and the audio track recorded the audio output of the keyboard sound module. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Just watched Mike's video on tweaking windows 10 and made the changes. Unfortunately now I cant get any signal from midi controller to inserted CW piano plug in. The controller is recognized in preferences but when i enable ,the meters do not move. Have it on omni but also checked individual channels. It worked before the setting changes. Help!
  7. Peter Silver

    Right processor?

    I just installed Cakewalk on a new Dell laptop that has an intel i5 10th generation processor but only 1.6 gHz. Is that enough speed?
  8. Thanks for the quick response. Any thiughts on why my headphones wont work even when plugged in? Could be a laptop setting?
  9. Peter Silver

    Direct to laptop

    New to CW. New Dell laptop with i5 quad core and 8 Mg RAM. Windows 10. I connected a small Akai midi keyboard directly to laptop via usb. Was able to record but could only monitor and playback via laptop speakers. Headphones wouldnt work. Should I always use an interface even for midi or can i go directly into the laptop.
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