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  1. Yeah, it still happened. The Automation sub-track appears below the track I've pasted to and the volume drops for the rest of the time I'm using the track. I tried saving a test version (to see what would happen) and when I reopened it, the track is still reduced in volume. Luckily it wasn't the actual project!
  2. Thank you for the suggestions. I've had a look and although I've reset the automation, it keeps happening unfortunately. As a work around, I now just edit by bouncing to clips and moving everything in the piano roll.
  3. Thank you for your advice. I've had a look to see if any events are present and, although I have done some automation in the clip I'm adding the pasted one to, there are nodes at the end, ending any automation. When I check the midi track, before pasting, there doesn't seem to be any CC event activity. When I drag the pasted clip into its new position, a new sub-track appears under the midi track titled "A1". As soon as this appears, the volume for the whole midi track goes down. I've tried removing it and it doesn't change anything. I've found that when I copy a clip from another project, and paste it into a new one, the automation is in tact and the the problem with the volume doesn't happen. In this instance, the A1 sub-track doesn't appear when I re-position the clip. Instead a new full midi track, with the automation lines, appears at the bottom of my clips, titled "Track 5" (or whatever number is next). That's only difference I can see between it working fine and not. Sorry for the long-winded explanation - I'm confusing myself now!
  4. Hi there, I've been having an issue that whenever I move a midi clip that I have copied and pasted, the volume is drastically reduced after I drag it to a new position. This lower volume then applies to the instrument across the whole project and I can only get the original volume (and its automation) back after closing and reopening Cakewalk. I saved a test version having done this, to see if the volume is still reduced after restarting Cakewalk and it is. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you for reading!
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