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  1. Thanks Promidi! I actually got it. I left both computers running again all night and CW finally installed on both sometime during the dead of night. I think the problem oddly is with the Windows InstallShield, which freezes on both machines, sometimes for more than an hour after suddenly then just continuing. It did the same thing last evening when I tried to install the Melodyne add-in. Took hours but finally took. Odd that it's the same on both machines! Thanks again.
  2. Hello All I know there have been lots of questions about install issues. But I'm at a loss on trying to install Cakewalk on either of TWO Windows 10 Pro computers (Thinkpad W530s) . What happens is Cakewalk begins to install and gets about 1/4 the way and hangs on extracting files. It is exactly the same on BOTH computers. (I have left both going all night! Stalled!) 1) Both computers have different anti-virus, though I've disabled both AVs 2) I have run BandLab assistant as an admin on both computers 3) I have cleared out the %Temp% files on both computers 4) I have checked to make sure there are no hidden permissions that either computer is requesting 5) I have tried installing in Safe Mode (BandLab Assistant will not run in safe mode in either computer) 6) I have tried installing with all add-ons and again with no add-ons. Any other thoughts before I figure it's just my bad luck and give up :O( Many thanks. Anthony Giorgianni
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