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  1. This is why I love the Sonar/Cakewalk/Bandlab forums and have made it my daily read for many years. I recently upgraded to a new Dell 8930 with 64 MB RAM and SSD drive. Faster than anything I've ever seen and therefore should be immune to drop-outs, but I was getting drop-outs about every 20 minutes. I figured it was something in microsloth 10 and was actively looking for a solution when I came across this thread. After turning off that "helper" Service, I worked on a project and had it open for most of the evening with zero drop-outs!! Thank you, Tez!!
  2. I responded again to the reply I received.
  3. After upgrading from Sonar to Bandlab, I cannot authorize my version CA-2A. My Cakewalk account is locked and I cannot create a new one. I have a ton of recordings that use this plug-in and I'd really like to avoid having to find an alternative. Any ideas?
  4. I'm attempting to login to My Account and I get the message that an email was sent to me, but I never received the email and it's not in my SPAM folder. How do I contact an admin to push that email along or grant access?
  5. It seems my authorization for the account was sent but I never received it. I don't want to create a new account so how do I get the system to send another authorization email?
  6. PC2A does not show up in that path. In fact, I could not find the dll or any other related files for PC2A, but when I installed CA-2A, the module showed up in my existing projects as PC2A. Since it appears CA-2A needs authorization, how is that accomplished? btw, thanks for all your help!
  7. Found it. It's the PC2A I talked about being missing in another thread a few days ago. Per your suggestion, I went to my old Sonar account and grabbed CA-2A, since PC2A didn't show up anymore. When I opened an existing project (I use that plug-in on the ProChannel of every track!!) PC2A was there, at least it showed up as working where before it just displayed the title bar. So, if I shut off that module in every ProChannel my project plays fine. Now the issue will be getting CA-2A to work in place of the older PC2A module.
  8. That's an interesting take. I did have some issues re-loading some of my old plug-ins... B4II for example, but I just tried a song that did not have Organ on it and still had the same behavior. However, I do think you are on to something. Is there a way to identify any unauthorized plug-ins, other than removing them and reloading until I find the culprit?
  9. I don't get a drop out notification like that. The "drop-out" I'm describing is a quick drop on a single track. For instance, a guitar will be be playing and then go quiet for a half second. The audio loss is also not consistent. I can play the track section repeatedly and the drop will not necessarily happen in the same place. In fact, to prove that I played a verse section with only the lead vocal solo'd. The drops happened in different places each time.
  10. After many years of recording on my tried and true 2010 Dell with Windows 7 (16MB RAM), Sonar X3, M-Audio 2626 Firewire ASIO setup, I decided to upgrade to a new Dell 9830 with Windows 10 (64 MB RAM), Cakewalk by Bandlab (latest version), and existing M-Audio 2626. During playback I was getting dropouts so I tried a bunch of different settings in CbB and the 2626 interface. Still had the dropouts so I figured my days with the firewire interface were over and bought a Presonus 192, figuring my problems would be solved. No such luck since I'm still getting the dropouts no matter how I set the buffers. Note that I've tried projects recorded on the old system a few weeks ago to projects recorded in Sonar 15 years ago on an even older system. Same dropouts in all cases. However, if I play a CbB sample project it plays fine. My projects are all recorded at a Sample Rate of 48K and an Audio Driver Bit Depth of 24 (with 64 bit checked). I've been a member of the Sonar/Cakewalk forums for a very long time and know the smartest guys are here so I'm hoping somebody can help me solve this issue. Thanks, Desert Hermit
  11. Thank you. I think it's downloaded and working now.
  12. I just upgraded from Sonar X3 to CbB. I did it as a fresh install on a new computer. I have been able to duplicate my old setup except for two things -- reauthorizing my CD copy of NI B4II, which I'm still trying to deal with since NI discontinued it, and missing the ProChannel plug-in PC2A, which is used in all of my projects. Can anyone help me get PC2A installed? Thanks in advance!
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