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  1. Yiz

    MIDI View question

    Is there a way that I only view a single pattern in the piano roll and not see the notes for the whole track or no?
  2. I'd love to have a feature that I could change the Volume, Pan and Pitch for each audio file in one track. Like I could have a riser and a crash on one track and both of them are different volumes. I'd also love if all three parameters were to be automatable.
  3. I know its not the mic since it sounds fine on obs
  4. Why does it still play no sound for example YT even though the "suspend audio engine when cakewalk is not in focus" is unchecked? I suspect that the culprit is because i have put realtek audio console on classic mode and not multi stream mode Also, when I record something on ASIO its pretty much fine, but on Wasapi Shared, it does this buzzing sound (see file) Why does it do this.wav
  5. Yiz

    Piano roll questions

    1. Is there a way to disable how the note makes sounds when you click on it or when you place a note? If so, is there a hotkey for it (though i dont really care if there isnt, i just wanna know) 2. Why is it that on some plugins, the pan control on the piano roll doesnt work. On the TTS plugin, it works but on other plugins, it doesnt? See photos below (dont mind the notes i drew in, i just did it for testin)
  6. Yiz

    2 Loop Construction questions

    Sorry for the late reply but, I do know this already. Believe me, I tried clicking on the lines but nothing happens. I believe that only works for automation on the playlist but for the loop costruction view, its not working. Try it yourself. Still though thanks for replying
  7. Yiz

    2 Loop Construction questions

    Where exactlt do i right click, could you show an example? And also just to be clear i meant the pitch evelope on the loop construction view
  8. Yiz

    2 Loop Construction questions

    1. How do I make it so that the cursor/line also snaps to the grid in loop construction view because from what i see, its just freeform. 2. Is there a way that i could change how the pitch envelope transition each node? Like could i make it not jump (see attached)
  9. Yiz

    Wierd stutter/clip like noise

    Huh it seems like "stretch to tempo" fixed it. If you guys got other fixes im all ears
  10. Yiz

    Wierd stutter/clip like noise

    Also I dont know if this will help but a while ago when making a track i used "process > gain" to raise up a riser for a few decibels Act nvm
  11. Yiz

    Wierd stutter/clip like noise

    As you can see it only happens in certain 808s, I dont know why
  12. Yiz

    Wierd stutter/clip like noise

    These are 808 one shots, why is it that when i put some of them on the playlist, it makes this stuttering like noise? They sound fine on Komplete Kontrol tho. Im not going to be placing them in a playlist as an audio file but instead im going to use them in a sampler so I dont really care if this gets fixed or not but still i kinda wanna fix it. P.S: Sorry for the bad quality. Had to compress it 1_VideoEditor_20200921_045515_1.mp4
  13. Could I use these in cakewalk? If not, what are they for?
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