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  1. I know I'm later than you were but what exactly did you do?
  2. Ohhh ok I've been using the vst2, thanks
  3. I know but where in the menu? I checked the UI and it only says this (picture below) And also yes Its updated becausthe new patches are in there
  4. Where do I change the skin?
  5. Yiz

    ASIO Question

    Is there a way for me to choose between where I hear my sounds like, in WASAPI, I could easily switch between my headphones and my speakers. I was wondering how I could do that in ASIO?
  6. Is there a specific folder that I need to put my drum samples in so I can use them in Cakewalk?
  7. Yiz

    Playback latency

    Yeah everythings fine now, sorry for taking your guys' time 🙏
  8. Aye thanks yall, +1 follower Appreciate it
  9. Yiz

    Playback latency

    Okay 1(a): 2020.05 1(b): Windows 10 2(a): WASAPI Shared (I tried using ASIO but no audio comes out, perhaps you could also help me with that too?, no pressure tho) 2(b): I dunno how to answer it in words so here is a pic
  10. So um I found them in the VST Audio Effects, how could I put them in the VST Instruments?
  11. No I meant the actual stock ones like the drums, electric piano. The only one I have is the TTS 1
  12. Yiz

    Playback latency

    Im new, I dont really think its much of a problem or if it is a problem at all but Playback has alot of latency like it takes 2 secs for my tracks to play and sometimes it just doesnt play at all. Help?
  13. I'm new to this, pls help, so I doenloaded cakewalk and I cant find the stock plugins. I tried re-installing but its still not there and yes I checked Instrument Suite
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